Travel makes life so sweet. When Bree from The Tall Society told us she’s going jet-set and bringing her Gwynnie Bee subscription with her, we couldn’t have been more excited.  Next stop – Paris! Read on to hear about her chic trip, and of course, what she wore.

I have visited Paris a few times now. Each time was a short stint that allowed me to explore a different part of the city. One thing I know for certain, I will never get enough of Paris. The people, the fashion, and the food are unlike any other city in the world. I will always come back for more.

This time, I arrived to Paris on Friday morning and was scheduled to jet back to NYC on Sunday evening. Mom took the train in from the Netherlands to accompany me. Together, we decided we would do a lot of walking and even more eating.

Wardrobe planning for this trip was important. It is Paris, after all; the fashion capital of the world! It is the city where nearly every local person you spot is well put together. If I was ever going to step up my fashion game, this was it. I also considered that the weather would be in transition. Sun was forecasted with fall winds, so trying to stay warm was key. I find that there is almost no scenario where a great dress doesn’t fit, so on the hunt for dresses I went. Some new fall styles had just been added to, and I found 3 winners that made this trip complete.

Look 1 – Dauphine Dress in Mardi Gras
Effie’s Heart is a new brand for me. The banded waist with a fit-and-flare design is what triggered my interest, because fit-and-flare has always been very flattering to my shape. The cheerful dotted print and comfy stretch cotton fabric won me over.

Look 2 – Circle Dress in Leopard Jacquard
I have recently started wearing more Leota dresses and have found them all to be incredibly well-made. High quality fabrics and a plethora of unique prints is what defines Leota. They are mastering what it means to make a dress for EVERY woman.

At 6’4, I have to consider the length of dresses, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this dress would fall above the knee-but not too much-allowing me to show some leg. At the same time, the leopard jacquard fabric kept me warm throughout the day.

Look 3 – Printed Keyhole Blouson Dress in Patina
Nine West is a well-known name in fashion, but until now, I had only experienced their shoes. To be honest, I must’ve missed the memo, because I had no idea they also did dresses. The colors and cut of this dress are the perfect combination. All-occasion chic is the perfect way to describe this dress that can be styled to truly fit any affair.

Can I please have one more day in the City of Love?

Xoxo Bree

Thanks Bree! Check out Bree’s recent trip to Cuba and let us know which looks are your favorite. 

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