First Fit Favorites, featuring Merideth

 With every New Arrivals launch, you want the most information possible to closet smartly. That’s why each new item on the site is reviewed by two women of different body types, who provide feedback on fit, material, length, to help you understand more about the great pieces arriving at your door. Some items are standouts and deserve a little extra love, so we’re happy to introduce you to our “First Fit Favorites”. These are the best of the best, according to our reviewers. Check back here every few weeks, we will highlight some of their favorite items, so you never miss a hidden gem.

Meet Merideth

Merideth is a body positive blogger on curvy fashion and travel. She describes her style as “… a bit edgy and I go for things that are more eccentric and a little out there and over the top. For example, I won’t just go for jeans, but I’ll go for jeans with gold pearls running down the sides. My style is full of pieces that have some sort of exciting element to it, whether it be a metallic silver rain coat or a sweater covered in neon beads, or even just a bright yellow neon sweater, or a really rad pair of bold pink booties. A little over the top, a little different, and sadly, more geared towards comfort nowadays, whether I like it or not. My heels used to be 4″ or higher, now it’s 3” or lower and I am starting to make sweatpants (bright red or royal blue) a super stylish staple in my wardrobe and I’ll rock it with a cropped top and polka dot adidas sneaks. “

7260-PNK_MERI_8866 (1) Read Merideth’s 5 star review of the Rachel Antonoff Laurel Dress here

Has your style changed since joining Gwynnie Bee?
My style hasn’t changed since joining GB. I love whenever I get to try on an exaggerated circle skirt or a really amazing maxi wrap dress with a wild print on it or a really bright colored dress. However, it has actually made me appreciate the more simple things that I don’t necessarily have in my closet. Like a simple yet very pretty shift dress or an awesome fit and flare.

7771-NVY_MERI_8836 Read Merideth’s 5 star review of the London Times Stripe Cold Shoulder Dress here

What new things have you tried that you wouldn’t have normally since being introduced to Gwynnie Bee?
Shift dresses! I never think they can fit me so I’ve always just steered clear of them. But there are a few designers that make the perfect shift that doesn’t hug or get up on my hips/bum. I feel more confident now that I’ve tried a bunch from GB that work for my body type. I also have never really worn wrap dresses and didn’t realize how well they accentuate my curvy body, which I love! I need a few of these in my closet!

7492-MUL_MER_0489 (1) Read Rachel’s 5 star review of the NYDJ Montpellier Citrus Sleeveless Blouse here

Which styles do you find work best for your body type?
The style that work best for my curvy body type is definitely fit and flare. There are days when I don’t want to show off all my curves or have things hugging my body (out of wanting to be comfortable) and this is the best type of fit for that. The other style that works best is a high waisted pair of pants or skirt. Anything that accentuates my waist is great!

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