Coffee Break with Clem of BonjourClem & Denise Bidot

We hope you’ve enjoyed our most recent featured influencer, Clem of BonjourClem. We’ve seen her go on an Adventure in Style with a bold ’70s throwback and take us Back to School with the looks she’s loving most for Fall. Now take a Coffee Break with her and fellow model Denise Bidot to talk changing stereotypes surrounding the plus size industry.

On This Year’s NYFW

On Clem’s AWP & Denise’s No Wrong Way Project

On Growing Up Curvy

On the Fashion Industry Now

On Body Positivity as a Trend vs. Reality

On Model vs. Role Model

On the Moment You Felt Plus Was Getting The Respect It Deserves

On How Social Media Affects the Plus Size Revolution

And you can watch the whole video here:

For more Clem, make sure you check out Adventure in Style and Clem Styles It: Back to School.

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