French model, Clémentine Desseaux is one of our favorite style icons, which is why we love her lifestyle, fashion, and cooking blog Bonjour Clem. When it comes to fall style, Clem knows how to take it to a chic new level. From capes, to novelty prints, to suede, Clem has great tips on how to style it all. Read on for her tips on how to rock some of her favorite fall pieces from Gwynnie Bee and closet the looks for yourself.

LOOK #1: Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Mini Dot Navy Cape


“I literally fell in love with that awesome cape. The pattern is luxurious and the color is perfect to accommodate any outfit and layer from fall to winter!”


“I am a big hat lover. I love them at any season, with any color or shape. Hats can turn any outfit from bland to cool in a matter of seconds. I love larger brims better to balance my large head. I also love beanies and headwraps as an alternative!”


“Who doesn’t love to be cuddled all day? That’s how I feel wearing a turtle neck. This one is sleeveless and is perfect under all my fall/winter outfit, giving me a stylish and comfy look.”


“I love light pieces of jewelry for an everyday, comfortable and easy look. Gold is better for my skin tone, I also love rose gold as an alternative.”

LOOK #2: Isabel + Alice Fox Print Belted Shift Dress


“I am not afraid to mix prints and colors, as long as they make sense together. Fashion rules are made to be broken.”


“I love quirky prints. Prints make life better and especially when they come in such cool colors.”


“Tying a belt is not an easy thing to do… Oh wait actually it is! The best ties are easy and natural. I love half ties, where one side is longer than the other.”

LOOK #3: City Chic Smart Suede Dress


“This is my favorite outfit of all, I think. The colors are warm neutrals, the textures are soft, it’s simple and speaks for itself. I love neutrals and nude tones as a color palette.”


“I always wanted to be Pocahontas growing up and this look really channels it.”


“I am really into creamy, shiny textures in make-up lately. I basically use my Glossier cherry gloss for everything. On my lips, but also on my eye lid and on my cheeks for a healthy, slightly pink glow!”


“Who doesn’t need a petite size bag to take along on a woodsy stroll? This one is the perfect companion and fits way more than you would think. I love its classic shape but deep color and cool details like the croco skin and arrow signature closing.”

LOOK #4: Jete Animal Print Collage Hi Lo Dress


“I chose to wear this dress as a tunic with leather leggings. I am not trying to hide, but because I like turning pieces into something else. This makes it cooler and gives the outfit an edge.”

“I love finding new ways to roll sleeves. It sounds silly but I started practicing on my boyfriend’s and now I like to play with mine and find cooler ways to show them off!”


“A denim jacket always adds a little something cool but casual to any outfits. It’s a perfect piece from day to night and from summer to winter. A perfect transitional piece.”

For more of Clem’s great style check out her blog Bonjour Clem. To steal her style for yourself, check out our collection of Fall Favorites and share your best French-girl chic using hashtag #ShareMeGB.

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