Every month, we ask one of our Gwynnie Bee members to take a style outside of their wheelhouse for a 24-hour test drive. This month we asked Thamarr of Musings of a Curvy Lady to try something new in one of her favorite neighborhoods. Stepping outside her style profile, see how an oversized denim jacket won over this typically “utterly feminine” fashionista. 

087A3D1C-8B69-440F-9FBA-CA11CE909222-270-0000000BB76792AD RACHEL Rachel Roy Oversized Denim Detail Jacket

My current style is completely and utterly feminine, classically romantic, lush and colorful with a bit of modern electiveness. My style is always changing but it’s also the same because no matter what I wear I always want to look like a well put-together lady.

6D1124E9-8DAC-4FCA-AF81-678162400B61-270-0000000AE54D07D9 RACHEL Rachel Roy Oversized Denim Detail Jacket

I chose this longline denim jacket from RACHEL Rachel Roy because it’s not something I would quickly reach for. It’s easy to lean toward a dress or a skirt because that’s what my stylish heart is inclined to. But in order to truly take the risk I had to style something that would challenge my styling skills.

90CE8077-C1B6-4802-A46B-6F5BB2061ED4-270-0000000A9233AB1C RACHEL Rachel Roy Oversized Denim Detail Jacket

I would give this piece a 4. The classic denim is definitely practical and goes with everything but I probably won’t be reaching for this piece because of the heavy fabric. It just wouldn’t be functional during the hot summer days of Florida.

8BA1B4BF-75A3-4842-92EB-967249B0DA9D-270-0000000AAEDC67A6 RACHEL Rachel Roy Oversized Denim Detail Jacket

I definitely felt cool wearing this piece. The denim jacket style is classic and effortlessly chic and would look great paired with a dress, slacks, skirt or shorts. It’s a dramatic statement piece that is guaranteed to give you a lot of wear.

D435E4E8-8351-413A-AE06-1F9754F83463-270-0000000AD52EC83D RACHEL Rachel Roy Oversized Denim Detail Jacket

I’d want the denim jacket to be the focal point of the look so starting out with a blank canvas is key. An oversized white tee knotted at the waist paired with lightly distressed white jeans and tennis shoes are perfect monochromatic pieces to build the look.

F3172710-468E-484A-B850-D39FB9824CD5-270-0000000B3F9E08A9 RACHEL Rachel Roy Oversized Denim Detail Jacket

To make it more me I’d add bright colored accessories like a scarf as a turban and statement earrings. An oversized cheetah print clutch keeps the look chic, modern and fun. It’s those little additions that elevate the look and make it more personal.

6AEE50BC-EC71-4B58-B41B-562375CB6764-270-00000009DB3DF3A4 RACHEL Rachel Roy Oversized Denim Detail Jacket

Thanks for sharing! For more Thamarr, check out her charming and stylish blog and follow her on Instagram.

Photo credit: Carissa Fassnacht

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