GB in the Know: Size Advisor

You know the problem: You know you wear a size X in Brand Y, but have no idea what size you wear in Brand Z because sizing is so inconsistent across brands. It can be frustrating, to say the least.

Gwynnie Bee wants to help our members navigate that problem with Size Advisor, which can be found on any of our product pages.

You may have noticed us asking you for this information about brand names and sizing at some point in your membership—we wanted to get you started off right! If your stats have changed, you can always update them on any product page or the Size Advisor page.

How does it work?

  • Navigate to a product page of an item that you are interested in closeting
  • Click on the Size Advisor drop-down on the product page
  • Enter the brand and size of a piece that you know fits you well
  • Size Advisor will provide you a suggested size for the product you are considering
  • Then take or leave the recommendation by selecting the size of the product you are considering

Have you tried Size Advisor yet? Let us know!

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