GB In the Know: Navigating the Site

Welcome to Gwynnie Bee: a new way to experience clothing… as simple as Try. Wear. Love. Repeat. Your Gwynnie Bee subscription is revolutionizing the fashion industry, and if you’re new to us (or just curious), today we’ll be breaking down the navigation on the site and when you can find all the tips and tricks to use your membership to the fullest.

Top Navigation:

Found at the top any page on, this is your guide to finding great style.

  1. New Arrivals: You can find all our latest and greatest items that have newly launched to the collection.
  2. Categories: Here you can sort by item type – shirts & blouses, dresses, denim & pants, and so on.
  3. Dresses: Looking for a dress? Narrow it down by occasion – work dresses, casual dresses, night out dresses, and more.
  4. Work: We’ve got your workwear! No matter the office you work at, you can find the perfect look for it here.
  5. Weekend: For your off-duty style, check out this drop down.
  6. Style Inspiration: Here you can find curated collections we’ve put together based on style, trends, and other things catching our eye. This is also where you can find The Shape Report, and Find Your Style.
  7. How It Works: Get all your questions answered about the service, inside and out.
  8. Blog: Find your way to us here at for style tips, lifestyle and work content, and all our gorgeous member photos.
  9. GB Shop: Head to our marketplace to purchase retired styles, or new designer product to complete your perfect look.

The Shape Report:

Located under “Style Inspiration” in the Top Navigation, you can find out how to measure yourself, determine your body shape, tips on flattering styles for your shape, and curated collections built around that. We used our Shape Report collections constantly, so be sure to find your way back anytime you’re looking for great fit.

Find Your Style:

Found under “Style Inspiration” in the top navigation, explore our curated collections and build a closet that fits your unique style, from classic, trendy, professional, casual and more.

The GB Pant Guide: 

Located under “Style Inspiration” in the Top Navigation, with the GB Pant Guide, you can discover the most flattering styles to deliver you that perfect fit. Search by fit and style and closet your next favorite pair of pants.

Your Membership Details:

Hover over your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen to see your account details. Here you can see your rewards points, your account details, your personalized link to refer friends, a place to gift Gwynnie Bee, and a place to sign out.

Click on the hanger next to your name, to enter your virtual closet.

  • At-Home
    • In this section, you will find the items you have at-home or are on the way to you. You can return notify, track incoming boxes, and purchase your at-home items in this tab.
  • On-the-Rack
    • In this tab, you can see the items you’d like to have sent to you. You can prioritize, change the garment size, and get recommendations in this tab.
  • On-Hold
    • This is the section to save items you may not be interested in receiving right now, but in the future. Maybe it’s items that are seasonally inappropriate, or for a special occasion, you can place the item there for future.

Have more questions? Be sure to check out our FAQs, give us a call at 855-GWYNNIE, or drop us a note at and we’ll be happy to answer anything you need to know. Happy closeting!

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