The Bam Pow Collection

Cue the superhero music, because this week our curated collection features some BAM! POW!

The black and white monochromatic trend has been in for a while now, but with spring, punches of color are introduced to create a statement that is anything but boring!

Ways to infuse color into your black and white pieces:

  • Add a colorful belt as we have in the photos above
  • Layer colorful necklaces on top of black and white pieces to create visual interest
  • Skip the black shoes and handbag: mix in colorful pumps or bright, strappy sandals
  • Layer a colorful blazer or cardigan over a black and white tunic or dress

Our favorite thing about this trend is that it’s all about infusing fun into an outfit. Don’t overanalyze your pops of color – have fun with them!

Here are some great examples from Gwynnie Bee members:

1. Lexa of Lemmonex in the Spense Bird Print Shirtdress accented with a red belt
2. Spotted on Instagram: @thecynicalathiest in the Kristen Miles Polka Dot Peplum Dress with a colorful belt
3. Also on Instagram: @cassiemhill in the IGIGI Agnessa Top with a cherry colored necklace

Check out the Bam, Pow! Collection.

How are you wearing this trend?

  • Comments ( 2 )

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE those orange shoes! Where are they from???

    • gwynnie

      They are called the “Curri Wedge Sandal” and they’re by Nine West