How Being An Executive Assistant Made Me The CEO Of My Own Life

By Kali Hill, an Executive Assistant at Waypoint Residential in Stamford Connecticut.

A year ago (almost exactly to the day), I found myself sitting in my new apartment filling out job applications in a new state, after leaving behind my childhood home all my friends and family, contemplating if I had just made the biggest mistake of my life. In my job search, I landed on finding something I thought would be temporary. One year later, and I am still in that role, but now with invaluable knowledge that will serve me well, no matter what’s next. read more

How You’re Wearing It: Warm Weather Workwear

Summer style is all about dressing down, vacation looks, and great weekend wear. However, when your 9-5 doesn’t involve taking the summer off, how do you still look professional while staying cool? Our members know. Their summer workwear has been filling our #ShareMeGB feed. Read on to get inspired, and check out our Top Rated: Summer Workwear for more ideas on how to dress for the office. read more

Finding Workplace Empowerment with Year Up

Gwynnie Bee and Year Up are partnering to bridge the gap between personal style and great workwear for young women entering the workforce. The women at Year Up have inspired us with their fearless determination, hard-won talent, and confidence in the workplace. Now it’s their turn to give you their best professional advice, share their empowerment, and how Year Up has changed the course of their futures. read more

7 Ways to Master Closet Confidence

Gwynnie Bee and Year Up are partnering to bridge the gap between personal style and great workwear for young women entering the workforce. We spoke to seven incredible women from Year Up in various stages in their careers on how workwear affects their careers, confidence, and personal style. Each of their personal stories has a piece of wisdom that even the most seasoned workwear lovers can learn from. Read on to hear how each woman has achieved her own Closet Confidence. read more

What to Wear When: Winter Chill Meets Office Thermostat

Thanks to the modern miracle that is central heating, we can sit (relatively) comfortably in our offices, no matter the weather outside. However, that poses its own challenges when it comes to what to wear: it’s cold outside on the commute, but nice and toasty in the office. We’ve got 5 style hacks to make sure you’re comfortable and cozy on your way in and out, without sweltering at your desk. read more

Conversations with a Life Coach: Time Management

From mentors, to professional women in our lives, to great thought-leaders, there are many role models to turn to for examples of where we want to go. How we get there is another question. For the next few weeks, we aim to unlock that with help of Coach Colene of Be More Consulting. Every Wednesday, we’ll be bringing you another topic to take your career to the next level. Today, we’re talking time management. read more