Style Tips

Shape Report: Festive Favorites

We know that style only goes so far and fit is what takes your outfit the rest of the way! For this reason, we created The Shape Report to help you find the looks that flatter your specific shape. We combined the best outfits for the festive, holiday season with tried-and-true fit tips to help you closet smartly. Read on for tips you might find helpful, but remember, there are no fashion rules, and we encourage you to find the things that make you feel your best! read more

Don’t Buy A Halloween Costume This Year

Halloween is this week and if you’re still costume-less, you may think your only option is one of those cliche, poly costumes-in-a-bag that feels like it might just rip if you turn the wrong way. Don’t worry, you can save your $49.99, ditch the itchy fabric, and still pull off Halloween. The solution: get inspired by your Gwynnie Bee box! What has just come in the mail you can turn into a costume both work appropriate AND going to wow at a Halloween party? We have four ideas from our latest box to help you jump start thinking about yours. read more