Members’ Style Spotlight

Members’ Style Spotlight: Best of 2018

We are constantly inspired by the photos our members share using #ShareMeGB—in 2018, we’ve received thousands of your photos! Even more than all the great senses of style, we love seeing your confidence! Here are just a few of our favorite member images from 2018. Want even more member photos to inspire your next GB look? Get your fill on the blogFacebook, and Instagram, and don’t forget to share your own #ShareMeGB photos! read more

7 Style “Rules” Begging to Be Broken

Some believe that great style is defined by a particular set of rules. We’re all familiar with them–they’ve been around for as long as any of us can remember. However, we are bold, brave, and throwing out the rulebook today. As it turns out, under even the slightest interrogation these so-called pillars of fashion crack and crumble and are exposed for what they really are: basically bogus, absolutely arbitrary, sartorial silliness. As always, we encourage you to wear what makes you feel fabulous… and we think these seven style upgrades will. read more