5 Insider Secrets to Finding the Perfect Pair of Heels

From stilettos to block heels to wedges, there are almost unlimited options to complete your outfit. However, sometimes the perfect shoe is the least practical. Do we have to sacrifice fashion for function? We asked our VP of Merchandising, Jessica, for her expert take. Before joining us at GB, she led Merchandising at Cole Haan. As she puts it she worked on everything, “from design to development to getting shoes on women’s feet.” Jessica clued us in on five insider shoe secrets including the ideal heel height, closet must-haves, and her surprising tip in finding the dream fit. Read on… your feet will thank you! read more

Dress Refresh: 3 New Ways to Wear the Printed Shift Dress

Have a dress silhouette that’s your go-to, can’t-get-enough-of look? Us, too. But even if you absolutely love a certain shape, you still want to shake it up occasionally. And that’s why we have created Dress Refresh—fresh, new ways of wearing your tried and true favorite dress silhouettes. We started with the belted A-line dress, and now we’ve got our eye on refreshing the long-sleeved printed shift. A great pattern gives this easy shape a certain amount of snap, but with the right layering, it really shines. So, get inspired with our styling tips, and then shop the look in our Long Sleeve Printed Shift collection. read more