We were so psyched to see the ASOS Curve Spot Print in Coral on the hilarious Aidy Bryant of SNL. She joined actor Seth Rogan in a set of side splitting promos for an upcoming episode.


Here are a few of our favorite moments. Pretty much every moment was a favorite moment.

Seth Rogan: Hi, I’m Seth Rogan—
Aidy Bryant: Nope! No. No, no no. Bad. Do it again.

Aidy Bryant: These promos, they’re super fun, they’re super laid back, so don’t get nervous. Just relax and be yourself.
Seth Rogan: Oh yeah, I’m fine Aidy, I’ve done these before.
AB: [nervous laugh] Okay well just relax and be calm, okay?
SR: Okay. I know, Aidy. I’ve done SNL promos before.
AB: Yeah and you’re doing GREAT.
SR: …Have you ever done promos before?
AB: No these are my first ones.  So I think all that advice was, like, mostly just, like, for myself. Just, like, givin’ it to me.
SR: Oh well these are so easy, honestly. basically the only thing you can’t do is swear.
AB: Ah! okay! Thank you Seth! That sounds easy as S%#* !
Aidy Bryant: Seth, aren’t you in a new movie with Zach Efron?
Seth Rogan: I am, yeah! “Neighbors,” it comes out next month.
AB: Tell me about it!
SR: Well its a comedy about—
AB: No, I’m sorry. I meant about Zach Efron’s body.
SR: Oh.
AB: Just like tell me about it in like very slow, sexual, descriptive words?
SR: … I guess it’s tan? And muscular?
AB: Oh yes! I like that. You’re doing a great job.
SR: And it’s super toned… this is kinda weird, honestly…
AB: Okay, well, actually, I would say don’t stop unless I tell you to. Okay, so continue buddy.
SR: You get lost in his eyes?
AB: Oh, yeah I do! and butt!
Aidy Bryant: Can we just, like, jump in the air and then on the count of three scream “SNL!” And we’ll have them freeze us in midair so we’ll look super badass and triumphant?
Seth Rogan: Uh, yes we can! ‘Cause we’ll look so badass! That’s such a good idea!


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