Remember the empowering feeling that came with playing dress up in childhood? That plastic crown and costume jewelry was a portal for adventure. While fairy wings may not have the same effect in our adult lives, there is something magical about stepping into the shoes of your alternate lives: be it a sommelier, an experimental artist, or a modern restauranteur. So, maybe you don’t know anything about wine, or that sketch book was only a passing thought – your wardrobe doesn’t need to know that. We’re taking inspiration from jobs we’re fantasizing about and dressing for the job we want.

Today, our dream job is owning an art gallery, which we imagine to be a life of exploring the world of art for the latest trends, meeting unique and inspiring artists, and attending many openings, of course. Our fantasty lives have us jet-setting from ateliers to auctions, from galleries to group shows, all while looking for the next big thing in the art world.

For our first pop of inspiration, we’re not afraid of going literal. We may know nothing about art, but we DO know fabric that looks painted is chic and fun.

6984-BLK-1171 Alfani Paint Dash Surplice Top

7789-WHT-2497 Tahari ASL Splatter Black and White Jacket

6975-mul-1990_crop_retouched_71077675-0681-489e-bf95-aebd7b6a5efb Alfani Brush Stroke Grommet Top

Moving away from the literal and diving fully into the fantasy, we’re packing our bags for a little jet-setting to keep our finger on the pulse of the art world. Museums, popping into studios, and meeting with unique new artists – we need a wardrobe that is approachable yet fashion-forward, says we mean business when negotiating the best prices, but also travels well.

8261-BLK-036_retouched B Curvy by Bobeau Brooks Mixed Media Sweater

8171-MUL-0020_retouched RACHEL Rachel Roy Jacquard Midi Pencil Skirt

8922-BLK-0002_retouched Drew Military Velvet Jacket in Black

Now that we’ve found our next muse, we’re ready to set up what is undoubtedly a sleek, yet bold installation. Using our refined eye, we hang the pieces with a clear consideration for spacing, grouping, height, eyeline and lighting. We’re in our casual best for this, in practical cozy wear, that says “Oh this? I just threw it on.” You never know who will pop in after all!

8923-GRN-0017_retouched Drew Cozy Cardigan in Army

8307-RED-033_retouched Katherine Barclay Poncho Top in Maroon with Gray Border

8967-BLU-005_retouched Democracy Cuffed Girlfriend Jean

The big night has arrived. The guest list is stacked, our gallery looks impeccable, and the chardonnay and brie is strategically placed. The opening of our latest installation calls for a look owns the room (since we do!), without competing with the art. If you need us, we’ll be overseeing our kingdom as our newfound artist has her time to shine.

9735-NVY-012_retouched Tahari ASL Culotte Jumpsuit with Side Tie

8323-MUL-029_retouched Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Brushstroke Stripe Wrap Dress

8665-GRN-003_retouched Leota Madison Dress in Foliage Print

We should get back to reality, but it’s been great to step into the daydream of another life, even for a short period. Luckily, anytime we want to feel this fantasy again, we can just slip into this wardrobe and bring that feeling into our day-to-day. 

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