One of our favorite things here at Gwynnie Bee is introducing you to brands you’re sure to love. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of RACHEL Rachel Roy, available to closet now! Contemporary and chic, Rachel’s line features elevated staples and thoughtful, versatile pieces. If this is your first introduction to Rachel, you’ve certainly heard of some of her clients – everyone from Kate Hudson to Diane Sawyer to Michelle Obama has rocked her line. To get to know her better, we asked Rachel about her design process, how she expanded the “Curvy” line, and her partnership with Gwynnie Bee. Read on to learn more about this household name and be sure to closet the collection for yourself. 

IMG_0901 Designer Rachel Roy

What is the most important component to designing a successful look?

For me it’s understanding the “why” behind what I design. Why am I designing it this way. Why is she buying this piece? How is she using it? Curiosity really drives the design process for me so if we are working on dresses it’s always about the intent or how the woman is wearing it. If she’s wearing it from desk to dinner, let’s make sure that the silhouette feels effortless but polished at the same time. If I’m designing a blouse with buttons I want to make sure the buttons are positioned correctly so there’s not that odd gap where your bra shows between buttons because I know those are details that I look for when out shopping or dressing myself. That question of “why” is always in the back of my mind and it really puts you in a more purposeful state of mind in anything really – from design to other aspects of your life.

What went into your decision to expand your size range? What’s different designing for plus that for the straight size customer?

Curvy is something I have wanted to do from the very beginning of my career but I wanted to make sure that we understood the fit part of the equation. We knew we understood the design, that was seamless because it was important to us to build the Curvy line from the Contemporary line. We studied fit and looked for the right team to create it and feel proud to build something that gives women options.

What is exciting about bringing your collection to the Gwynnie Bee community?

I really believe that purpose, passion, and profit all go hand-in-hand with this next generation of business leaders and consumers. Doing good is necessary for the soul, for the community, and for business. Consumers no longer want to spend with businesses who don’t have a heart. We work to design & deliver the most authentic and meaningful product we can and surround that with stories that inspire us. We strive to create something that allows woman to help find their voice.

Need more Rachel? Keep an eye out for our visit to the Rachel Roy showroom for tips and tricks on how to style the collection. Coming soon!

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