Designer Shoshanna Gruss arrived on the scene in 1998 with a dedication to not only fit and flatter her customer’s figure, but also add a whimsical flair. Over the past 20 years, Shoshanna has continued to expand her collection, dressing Hollywood darlings like Mindy Kaling, Isla Fischer, January Jones, and more. We’re pleased to announce we’re launching C’est Nous by Shoshanna, an exclusive collection that spans our full size range. Read on to learn more about this prophetic designer, the collection created for GB, and how Shoshanna designs with you in mind.

• Q: Tell us about the women you design for. Do you have anyone specific in mind?
The line has really evolved with me over time, but my goal has always been to design pieces inclusive of all women’s body types. What’s special about Shoshanna pieces is that I can wear them and my teenage daughter… and my mother. There is something for everyone.

• Q: How would you describe the brand’s aesthetic?
Feminine and celebratory.

• Q: What is exciting about bringing your collection to the Gwynnie Bee community?
I’m so excited that now even more women can wear Shoshanna. I can’t wait to introduce the brand to a new set of women so they can experience what it feels like to wear a Shoshanna creation.

Wavy Hem Magenta Purple Dress Wavy Hem Magenta Purple Dress

• Q: What went into your decision to expand your size range? What’s different designing for plus than for the straight size customer?
As I mentioned, I’ve always wanted to design pieces that all women can wear. The reason I started my collection, 20 years ago, was because I had a hard time finding clothes that fit; I was much larger on top than I was on bottom. After hearing from our customers over the years, we knew there was a need for both petites and plus-sizes. We started expanding our sizing exclusively for department stores, but (in the end) I knew that was not enough. Gywnnie Bee was the perfect solution. They allowed me to create a full range of plus sizes without limitation. When designing my collection, I always try to select fabrics that I know will flatter a woman’s figure. For this collection specifically, we put a large focus on which fabrics and silhouettes complemented each other the most. Our main concern was making sure that the dresses we created made every woman feel not only beautiful, but comfortable.

• Q: What is the most important component to designing a successful look?
Each piece has to feel special. Whether that means custom designing a printed fabric, adding embroidery, or creating that one of a kind silhouette. I always want my customers to feel their best in whatever Shoshanna piece they are wearing.

• Q: What’s your favorite piece coming to the GB Collection?
I love the navy and black lace because it is so quintessential Shoshanna! It’s a combo lace paired on our classic fit and flare silhouette. I love that it is so versatile- it’s office appropriate, but can also be dressed up for a wedding.

Navy And Black Lace Fit And Flare Dress Navy And Black Lace Fit And Flare Dress

• Q: Do you have a current go-to accessory that you wear with everything?
I think it is always important to invest in a great shoe that can be worn back to jeans or a dress. I recently bought these Rag and Bone black ankle boots and will be wearing them all winter long.

• Q: Do you have any best-sellers you’ve continued to update over the years?
Yes, we continue to bring back styles each season. Our customers are very loyal and they often request that we recreate specific dresses. I think that’s what makes our brand so unique is that women are able to wear their favorite Shoshanna silhouettes for years without getting bored. Many of the pieces in the C’est Nous line are all updates to our best-sellers.

Bell Sleeve Black Sheath Dress

Bell Sleeve Black Sheath Dress

• Q: If you could design for one celeb (dead or alive)?
I would LOVE to see Sophia Loren in a Shoshanna dress.

• Q: What’s one silhouette that you believe is timeless?
I think our classic fit and flare will never go out of style because it will always be flattering. At the end of the day, women want to feel good in what they are wearing and this shape is a no-brainer.

Dashline Black And Blue Fit And Flare Sweater Dress Dashline Black And Blue Fit And Flare Sweater Dress

• Q: Tell us about something that sticks out in your mind as a career high?
There’s been so many, but this past year Meghan Markle wore Shoshanna. Seeing her wearing a Shoshanna dress on every website and magazine was pretty incredible. Most highlights for me are when I see a woman walking tall and confident in a Shoshanna dress. That is what the Shoshanna brand is all about. Celebrating each and every woman and making them feel beautiful, as they are.

Thanks for joining us, Shoshanna! Closet her collection now and keep an eye out for more charming pieces to come, as we’ll be launching them in the following weeks. 

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