X-two is officially our new favorite fashion import!  Relatively unknown to customers in the US, X-two has been a staple of fashion-forward European women for some time. Now that the brand is available in the US, we couldn’t be more excited to bring X-two to the Gwynnie Bee collection. We spoke to X-two’s Marijke van der Linden who filled us in on the brand’s mission.

Marijke van der Linden of #X-two
Marijke van der Linden of X-two

#GwynnieBee Brand Spotlight featuring plus size brand #X-two

#GwynnieBee Brand Spotlight featuring plus size brand #X-twoImages from the X-two Summer 2014 campaign

Tell us a little bit about how X-two came to be the amazing brand it is today.

When X-two was formed in 2000 in the Netherlands, our goal was simple. We wanted to create a spectacular line of clothing that kept a close watch on current fashion trends and never forgot to embrace women’s curves while providing the confidence they deserve. Our dream was to create clothing that was not only trendy, but comfortable as well! Over time we introduced our clothing across Europe and most recently into the US and Canada. Today, the X-two brand is synonymous with high quality, first-class women’s fashion in sizes 14 through 30.

#GwynnieBee Brand Spotlight featuring plus size brand #X-two
X-two blogger convention

How would you describe the X-two aesthetic?

We always keep our “X-two girls” in mind when creating a collection. We envision them confident, sophisticated and powerful. We imagine they wear our clothes to help break the ice at a special event, turn heads as they enter a room, or simply help to live their lives in their own unique way!

I love my clothing fashion-forward, but will never skimp on comfort. I think about this when envisioning our consumer. She too loves to look trendy, while feeling entirely comfortable and confident in her body and curves.

#GwynnieBee Brand Spotlight featuring plus size brand #X-twoBehind the scenes at an in-house X-two photo shoot

What do you bring to the Gwynnie Bee collection?

Trendy, comfortable and colorful items with a European flare. You cannot help but smile when wearing our clothes!

#GwynnieBee Brand Spotlight featuring plus size brand #X-twoX-two headquarters in the Netherlands

Which trends are you most excited about this season?

I just LOVE floral print! You can always catch me wearing prints, colors and pretty feminine flowers everywhere! I am a sucker for bold summer colors as well. They are such an eye-catcher… the more the better!

#GwynnieBee Brand Spotlight featuring plus size brand #X-twoAn X-two in-house photo shoot

What was your inspiration for the pieces launching at Gwynnie Bee this spring?

You will see a lot of bold colors and soft fabrics – looks that are feminine but also have an urban edge. We love versatile looks to take you from day to night, whether it is something you can wear on a romantic date night or a more structured fit for the office.

#GwynnieBee Brand Spotlight featuring plus size brand #X-twoAhoy sailor! Putting on the final touches at X-two photo shoot

How do you ensure a good fit?

Our clothes are graded to fit women ranging from a size 14 through 30. What does this mean? Our silhouettes and styles are geared towards a real woman’s body and size. We work closely with our customers and listen to their feedback; we want our proportions to fit in the real world!

#GwynnieBee Brand Spotlight featuring plus size brand #X-twoBeauty supplies lined up at an X-two photo shoot

What has been the best part of working with X-two?

The best part of working for X-two has been working directly with our customers. I love seeing them put on one of our garments and knowing how much they love what they are wearing – their enthusiasm is contagious. I have had customers tell me that they never want to wear anything other than X-two, these are the moments I know what I am doing is making a difference!

#GwynnieBee Brand Spotlight featuring plus size brand #X-twoBehind the scenes on the beach at X-two photo shoot

How fun is this behind-the-scenes footage from X-two’s seaside shoot?

Check out the fast-growing collection of X-two items available at Gwynnie Bee and keep an eye out for new pieces in our upcoming New Arrivals, now launching three times a week!

Have you tried X-two yet? Share your opinion on the brand below!


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