Is an outfit unadorned even complete? We think accessories, jewelry, in particular, can hold a personal meaning and tie your look together. We love accessories with a story, knowing the design concept and narrative behind our favorite pieces, particularly when the brand has been a force of good.

It’s that concept that we love about our latest addition on GB Marketplace, Nectar Nectar. The brand launched in 2017 by entrepreneur and artist Anju Bansal. The goal was to empower communities by employing female artisans, with a focus on education, mentorship, employment, and infrastructure. Their site features beautiful pieces coupled with the personal success stories of the women who crafted them, bringing together design and a story that brings the consumer deeper into the background of each piece.

Artisans crafting at Nectar Nectar

In the brand’s own words, “Nectar Nectar was born of a deep-rooted passion for empowering communities. We engage talented artisans to handcraft elegant jewelry graced with genuine gemstones. Our collections showcase rare, traditional techniques from around the world. Known for her voguish use of natural materials, Nectar Nectar embodies a contemporary aesthetic with a hint of rich traditions.”

Artisan handcrafting a bead

Read on to see some of the eye-catching pieces now available on the GB Marketplace:

Nectar Nectar Gold Plated Stud Earrings

Nectar Nectar Gold Plated Gemstone Tassel Earrings In Multi

Nectar Nectar Gold Plated Link Hoop Earrings

Nectar Nectar Gold Plated Round Dangle Earrings

Colorful tassels, gold plates, and big statement pieces, Nectar Nectar is ready to complete any Gwynnie Bee outfit. Shop now!

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