Shape Report: Hourglass Styles

Gwynnie Bee Shape Reports series, showcasing women of all shapes & body types: sizes 10-32

Today, we launch a collection of pieces proven popular with members whose hips and shoulders are wider than their waists.– our Hourglass Styles. An hourglass herself, our girl Eliza of Dorothy Combs Models (you may remember her from her Model Profile) has tons of valuable advice for hourglass dressing. 

My shape is definitely hourglass, as I have quite the bust, shapely hips, and a smaller waist.  I didn’t always feel confident with my body, and not knowing how to dress it, and work with my shape.  Once I embraced my shape, and studied how to work with it, through trial and error, and various styling tips, my whole perspective changed, and so did the way I feel about myself.  Clothes of the right fit and proportion for your body, no matter what your shape, make all the difference and can make you feel much more comfortable and confident, and strong!

One issue that I have struggled with as an hourglass, is how much to accentuate and how much to downplay.  For example, as I have a larger bust, I sometimes struggle with hitting the mark between emphasizing my “assets” and not showing too much.  It’s the same with my hips… I try to not hide them, to show that they are there, but want to strike that balance in between.  As far as hitting the mark goes, it’s all about trial and error… try things on!  See if they work for you, and be honest about it.  Again, do not focus on the number on the clothes… focus on fit and proportion.  It’s about the clothing fitting YOU, not you fitting into the clothes… make it work for you. Sometimes I find a piece that I really love and hope works on me, but it just doesn’t, and I have to say goodbye.  However, if you aren’t feeling comfortable in it (if your boobs are feeling a little overexposed, etc) at home in your bedroom, then you are definitely not going to feel comfortable and confident walking around in public.  You will definitely find many clothes that work for you if you don’t settle for less, and keep on trying on.  Gwynnie Bee is awesome for that – you can try so many different styles! Do not be afraid to show your body’s shape! Don’t hide yourself away… you’ve got to flaunt what you’ve got. Work it!

Key formula for hourglass in my opinion is: emphasizing your assets with restraint

  1. The Bust (a hint of cleavage is enough),
  2. Your Waist (that is the key to an hourglass figure, so emphasizing this is key)
  3. Your Hips (again, fit is key… not skin tight, but loosely grazing and either a pencil/straight fit or a slight A line.  Too much of a flare out, and it can be a bit much.)

Below are 5 pieces from Gwynnie Bee’s Hourglass Styles, and why they work for an hourglass shape like mine:

Taylor Dresses Stripe Fit & Flare Dress, sizes 16W-24W

Classic A line dress.  Some women may be afraid to try this as it has the old myth of “horizontal stripes are a no no” for curvy women, but not so with this dress.  The shape is perfect for hourglass.  The black belt emphasizes the waist, and the pleating comes away from the hips perfectly.  Knee length is perfect, as the bust is emphasized on top, and you have the slightly subtly sexy sheerness of the top around the shoulders.  Love!

Vince Camuto Asymmetric Houndstooth Top, sizes 1X-3X

This is a fabulous top for hourglass shapes.  The way that it is cut and drapes leaves enough room on top for the girls, yet hugs the waist just perfectly.  I would pair this with jeans, and if it were a little short, then with a pencil skirt.  I also love the asymmetry of the neckline as it makes it more fun.

Eloquii Bold Printed Wrap Dress, sizes 14W-24W

This is my favorite piece of the 5 on this list.  The colors and pattern are fabulous, and the black line on the edges of the wrap and around the waist accentuate the hourglass figure amazingly!  I am definitely getting this one for myself.

A must have!

Kiyonna Sweetheart Knit Wrap Dress, sizes 0-4

Again, an excellent dress for an hourglass.  Sweetheart necklines are excellent for us busty ladies.  I love that this is a va va voom dress without showing too much skin.  It’s very sexy, and as it emphasizes the top, it is perfect that the fabric then falls around the hips more loosely so that it isn’t over the top, so to speak.

NY Collection Printed Floral Maxi Dress, sizes 1X-3X

I had the pleasure of wearing this dress on set, and it was so comfortable!  I love that the print is fun, and the top and waist are fitted perfectly, again letting the fabric of the bottom fall from the waist in a relaxed manner. This is a great maxi dress for an hourglass figure.

Check out the full Hourglass Styles Collection here!

Are you an hourglass? What are your favorite styling tips or your favorite GB items? We’d love to expand this collection with your suggestions.

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