All month we’ve been welcoming you to the #GBSisterhood – a community of women, unrestricted by labels or boundaries, connected by the love of great style. Now, we’re introducing you to the Sisterhood Tenets: outlining what we stand for.

These were built around promises we make to ourselves, and each other, to hold up high standards and to push ourselves further. While social constructs of the past have held back women, demanding they fit certain molds, these tenets encourage us to stand up and be the woman we choose for ourselves. Allow them to embolden you to move through the world as your best self.


  1. I promise to strive for greatness.
  2. I promise to love where I’m at today, even if it changes tomorrow.
  3. I promise to give and accept compliments with abandon.
  4. I promise to lean in and raise up other women.
  5. I promise to take up the space that is rightfully mine.
  6. I promise to take risks, knowing that I have a sisterhood to support me.
  7. I promise to honor the women who came before me and the women who will follow me.
  8. I promise to be proud of my accomplishments, rather than dismissing them.
  9. I promise to command the respect I deserve, and earn the respect I command.
  10. I promise to show up, stand up, and rise up.

We believe great style is allowing the inside to be reflected out. Join the#GBSisterhood for an endless wardrobe that evolves as you do.

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