Sisterhood & Positivity

An Interview with Hadassah, From Her Closet to Yours.

We’re continuing our celebration of our size inclusivity launch with interviews from the cast of our #GBSisterhood video. Today, we’re bringing you an interview with Hadassah, a young budding model, who loves uplifting other women… and a colorful cheetah print. Read on to learn about what connection to other women is key to her success and which celebrity she’s itching to shop with.

When you hear the word sisterhood, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
“An unbreakable bond. Sisters are women who look out for each other and are always there for each other no matter what. I know for me, growing up in high school, whenever I was a part of teams and things like that, it would always be like a sisterhood. I never had sisters, I have two older brothers and I always wanted a little sister. To have that connection… it was like ‘These are my sisters, I got them, and they got me.’ Whatever they need, even if I gotta correct them when they’re wrong, ‘Look, I’m gonna put you in your place, girl’, but there’s that love. When it’s all those girls together, looking out for each other, loving on each other, through thick and thin…”

Do you actively seek out those kinds of bonds?
“I do. Always. If I see somebody on the train I’m just like ‘Hi, you’re my new best friend.’ I’m an extrovert. I just naturally love loving on people, putting a smile on peoples faces, so I wanna see them have that happiness that I feel like I have inside.”

Who would be your shopping sister?
“Rihanna. Her style is just so in-your-face. You gotta love it. Even her more subtle classy is still in your face.”

Do you have an outfit that carries magic for you?
“I remember for prom, that was like a pretty big deal for me because I had to work for my own dress. And I got almost four jobs, because I wouldn’t make [my parents] dish out that much money. I picked out the dress…I love animal print. People ask me what my favorite color is and I’m like “Cheetah print” or “zebra and pink” – that is my favorite color. So, my dress was all these prints, rainbow colors, it had a little skin…you know it was scandalous, a little bit. To this day, I’ll always remember my prom dress.”

How do you see the intersection of fashion and community?
“I think fashion brings people together. Like, speaking of a sisterhood, I can be out and I’m like “Sis, the outfit is killin’!” and you never know, I could get her number, we start connecting, networking…and later on, down the road, we’re like having lunch together. It just brings people together. With the body positivity movement, you see somebody who’s giving off that same energy or has a look you wanna achieve, and also stylists that are trying to hear out what curvy women want. No matter what size you are, it brings everybody together!”

How has body positivity has impacted your life?
“Well, of course, in a positive way, it makes me appreciate everything about myself, even the flaws. It helps you really look in the mirror and appreciate the body that has [been] given to you and just teaches you how to love it one day at a time. Even if you’re not happy with where you are, you can still be happy about your body – but if you want to make improvements, I believe that you still can. You can still love yourself where you’re at.”

What do you gain from being in communities of women?
“It helps me realize [my] purpose because I feel like that’s what I was created to do – to inspire women, to love on other women. It helps me just flourish in my own element. It also gives me a community, a clutch…something to fall back on. If I’m going through something, I know it’s okay. You’re not alone, you’ve got your sister there. So it gives me peace of mind and purpose. It helps me fulfill my purpose.”

Check out Hadassah in our #GBSisterhood video, and keep an eye out for interviews with her incomparable co-stars, right here on the blog. You can see our interview with Amanda here.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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