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An Interview with Molly, From Her Closet to Yours

Today, we continue our interviews with the cast of our #GBSisterhood video to talk about sisterhood, inclusivity, and, of course, style. This interview is with Molly, a new mom, comedian, and actress. From improvising at the UCB Theater, to nationwide commercials, and countless comedy videos (you might recognize her from the viral sensation: Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors), Molly is all heart, and hilarious to boot. Read on to hear what outfit retains a bit of magic for her and what ’90s show star she wants to shop with.

What do you think of when you hear “sisterhood”?
“I think of that indelible bond between women. I do have a sister – a literal, biological sister – with whom I have a bond that I will have with nobody else. I have my ride or die sisters, my handful of friends from college, for whom I would do anything. I became a Mom about 16 months ago and I have a really wonderful group of people, who also became first-time moms within a couple months of each other. So to me, sisterhood means that kinship or connection with people… it’s about a bond between women that I can’t imagine existing in any other way except describing it as sisterhood. It’s your heart and your mind and your soul, you know. And those are your people. Sisterhood means those are your people.”

What do you gain from being in this community?
“A support system. Not to get too morose, but life isn’t always easy and – especially in a city like New York, which is the best city on earth, but it can be quite lonely despite being surrounded by 5 million people. So, whether it be a quick text group, or whether it be my annual girl’s trip that we’ve been doing for fifteen years, it’s that knowledge that you have a foundation of love and support that’s always there for you, even if they’re not standing beside you.”

Who would be your shopping sister?
“One of my current people who I think is so fun and fascinating and has great style is an actress named Busy Phillips. She was on Cougar Town, Dawson’s Creek, Freaks and Geeks… and I followed her recently on Instagram and she has a couple kids, and that filmmaker husband, and she is living that California life. As a Rhode Island girl, I think I could use a little more California life in my life! I feel like if she brought me with her she’d be able to like bestow upon me that California eye…and I’d really appreciate it. Busy, hint, hint!”

Do you have an outfit that carries magic for you?
“I remember when I was 21 and I was doing that classic trip: you work as a waitress and then after graduating from undergrad, you buy your plane ticket, and you buy your Eurail pass, and then all you do is eat bread and cheese, ‘cause you don’t have any money left but you go because you’re like “I’m gonna go!”. It was my friend Becky and I – she’s part of the high school sisterhood, we’re still friends – she and I went to the Colosseum in Rome and I was wearing – god, I know exactly what I was wearing. I was wearing my Union Bay Khakis, which were awesome – they were kinda wide-legged, and then a green tank top and a necklace that the guy that I was seeing at the time gave me. I came home from the trip and we weren’t even seeing each other anymore, but it felt really important that I wear that – I don’t even know why. Life is weird. I think my hair was either in a low bun – because back then, it wasn’t about the top knot it was about the low bun with an elastic – or a french braid, I can’t remember. But I remember that outfit so well… and Birkenstocks, obviously! I remember that because we had such the best day… just the best day ever.”

How do you feel about size inclusivity?
“I can’t think of anyone saying that it wouldn’t be beneficial. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have your pick of what makes you feel awesome and what makes you look great – and hopefully both of those things. To me, it just means that everybody gets an equal shot about finding something that makes them feel awesome in wearing it, finding what’s right for them.”

What does body positivity bring up for you?
“Body positivity to me is… I have to tell you, this is really new! But it’s interesting being someone who just went through the amazing experience of becoming a mom. I appreciate the support we have right now, not only amongst each other, but also that we’re talking about it in the culture right now. None of us really had that growing up. That was not a thing that existed, you know? But in a visceral sense, I have made the choice to embrace whatever happened after I had after the baby. And I think part of that comes from the support that we’re feeling right now in our culture, which wasn’t there are long time ago. And I am grateful for it for myself, I am grateful for it for other people.

I still feel awesome in my body, because I know it produced this cute little guy, who is my life, and because, I’m in the world and this is my body that was given to me. I had a body before the baby, and after, and there’ll be more changes as I get older. I embrace it, you know. I hope other women feel that as well. Feel supported, feel represented, feel like whatever it is, whatever they’re going through that you can still walk out there and walk through life like, ‘This is my body, so I’m thrilled. And f*ck everybody.’”

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This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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