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An Interview with Diane, From Her Closet to Yours

Our interview series with the incredible cast of the #GBSisterhood video continues today with Diane. You might recognize Diane from Cycle 5 of America’s Next Top Model, but in addition to still modeling, Diane is also a single mother, and works as a criminal investigator. She’s bold, professional, and passionate… and loves J. Lo. Read on to learn about how size inclusivity connects with a model who has ranged in sizes over her career, and about how her outfit affects her mood.

What does sisterhood mean to you?
“Women united. United women, coming together, all in one accord for a purpose. Doesn’t matter the walk of life, doesn’t matter your skin color, your size.”

Do you have a community of women?
“Yeah, I do. I am a single mom, so I relate to single moms, and I love the fact that we can come together and be a sisterhood. You know what I mean? As single mothers, raising children, having playdates, and we have a lot of things in common so we are able to relate in those ways.”

What inspires you about these women?
“Bravery, courageous, strong, loving, responsible, goal-oriented [qualities]. You definitely have to have your things in order – you juggle so much, you wear so many hats, it’s a combination of things that come together.”

If you could pick a shopping sister?
“I think J. Lo would be my clothing inspiration too. That’s a good one. She’s my mood inspiration. She’s just so simple and chic and when she has to turn it up, it does, but it’s still fashionable. I think everybody can relate to her.”

What do you look to get out of an outfit?
“I make sure that they match. I think that’s one thing, is to match and it matches my mood. My mood then turns into my fashion, which then goes together with my makeup or my hair. As long as I feel empowered with my clothes, you know, with my fashion for the day, despite my mood, despite what’s going on with my child, I think it’s just a combination of different things.”

What are you thoughts on size inclusivity?
“I really like the fact that now [there’s] size diversity. I was on the plus size side but then, with motherhood and everything, I shrank down a little bit. So, being in the industry, when I was modeling plus size, the clothing was like paper bags – they had no form, no fashion to them – it was just like “Okay, wear this, and make it cute.” There was only so much cute that you could do! But I think now fashion has taken into consideration body shapes, you know, body styles… age appropriate as well! You have to know your consumer. You have to know who she is. She could be versatile, like myself, you know I’m a single mom, I work, I’m a professional, I’m a model, so I’m able to split all those things and my attire is appropriate for every season or every situation. For my job I have a specific attire, when I’m a mom and go on, you know, kids’ birthdays I have an attire, and when I’m just me, living my life, I have a different attire!”

Check out Diane in our #GBSisterhood video, and keep an eye out for interviews with her incomparable co-stars, right here on the blog. You can see our interviews with Amanda, Molly, and Hadassah live already.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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