Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we know how we’re celebrating! To our moms, our aunts, our friends who are moms, and all the maternal figures out there: it’s an honor to lift up the women in our lives who have raised and inspired us. Every week until Mother’s Day, we’re honoring a Mom and Gwynnie Bee member, bringing you their stories of style and motherhood.

This week we’re highlighting Brooke, HR Recruiter and freelance model, and her daughter Eva. Watch the clip below as Brooke talks about how Gwynnie Bee brought more color into her life:

Brooke in the  SL Fashion Belted Polka Dot Dress, with her daughter Evangeline.

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For Brooke’s full story story of style and motherhood, and all our gorgeous Moms, check out the entire video below:

To Mom With Love from Gwynnie Bee on Vimeo.

Want to give the gift of an entire wardrobe to a mom in your life this year? It’s a simple as a few clicks: Give a gift for Mother’s Day here.

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