Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene: GB Profiles Volume 5

A short week doesn’t make Friday taste any less sweet. This is the fifth edition of Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene and my coworkers are getting used to me popping up with my phone and asking about their style. Just call me GB paparazzi. Some of them even have some pretty cheeky answers prepared for me (I’m looking at you, Gio). It’s all about easy grab-and-go style this week – read on to meet the team!

Amy: Knows Everything (Well, Almost!)

IMG_2519 (1)

Grabbing a minute of Amy’s time isn’t always easy. As Director of Product Management and employee from Gwynnie Bee’s day 1, this is a lady who is in demand. In between phone calls, I got to snap a photo of Amy in this great, sleek maxi dress. Cold shoulder, wrap shape, subtle slit – what doesn’t this dress have? She picked this as she’s “willing summer to stay a bit longer”. If only clothing wielded that kind of power! Knowing Amy, she’ll find a way to make that happen.

Gio: Layer Enthusiast (currently wearing a single layer)

IMG_2529 (1)

Gio is one cool dude (can’t you tell from his choice of cool ranch chips?). He’s been a graphic designer at GB for the last three years and in that time his style has reflected his laid back, yet approachable attitude. Wearing mostly earth tones in a comfortably minimalistic way, Gio has found his signature style. I asked him about where he pulls his style inspiration from, and he tells me, “I like the look of celebrities when they’re trying to hide from people.” Gio’s style (and position here) are not the only creative things about him. You can often find him snacking on a easy-mac & taquito combo, which he calls “the after-school special”.

Cynthia: Mabel’s Chief of Staff 

Image-1 IMG_2557 I mean, those nails!

Never one to shy away from mixing prints or textures, Cynthia, assistant to our CEO, was a clear choice to be snagged for this post. Today, she’s winning my heart with a checkered pant, a lady-like Peter Pan collar and a pair of rockin’ boots. My two favorite things about the way Cynthia dresses are 1) that she has a minor color deficiency, which leads to some great (and slightly accidental) color combinations and 2) she picks out her outfits the night before to set her mood the next day. All of this culminates in personal style she describes as “flashes of both brilliance and madness”. Our office dogs all gravitate to Cynthia which, aside from her warm personality and endless supply of dog treats, I attribute to their ability to sense great style.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek inside the GB Hive. Check back here on Fridays to meet a few more of our team members and get to know us on a more personal level – we’re pleased to be formally introduced. If you missed our last edition of GB Off-the-Record, be sure to go read about it here. Happy Friday!

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