Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene: GB Profiles Volume 4

As it’s the Friday before Labor Day weekend, we thought another edition of GB Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene is a perfect way to wrap up the week! Today, I connected with two of my coworkers sporting their end of summer looks and I hounded politely inquired about how they picked them out, and was also reminded of a classic GB anecdote and am still chuckling. Read on to get to know us and have a laugh too.

Danielle: Casually Also Does Trapeze (not a joke)


My first pick this morning had to be Danielle, on our Merchandising Team, who has been looking incredibly cute this summer (…okay, all the time). Her colorful, bright, and “more is more” style philosophy means looking this fun daily. Asking about this look specifically, she tells me that the genius thought behind it was: “it fits.” In the homestretch of her pregnancy, that seems fair. Yet, with the embroidered touches on the dress and the gold tassels on her shoes, something tells me style just runs in her blood… and that baby is going be well-dressed!

Nick: Ate All the Pineapple 


Nick, one of our financial analysts, and I started at Gwynnie Bee around the same time (almost 4 years ago!), so I knew he’d be cool if I badgered him while making a bagel. He was only disappointed I hadn’t caught him on a day where he was wearing his flamingo printed vans. Nick always looks put-together causal at work, which he calls ‘Trying My Best’ (runner up: ‘One Stylish Dude’). He looks to Aziz Ansari for inspiration, as well as his buddy, Tom – which is something he asked me to keep to myself and I have now subsequently posted on the internet. While looking for additional fodder for this post, I asked Nick what he’s known for around the office and he told me: “Fun fact: my dad once called our CEO’s personal cellphone and asked for me. During my first month with the company. People don’t forget.” Now you know too.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek inside the GB Hive. Check back here on Fridays to meet a few more of our team members and get to know us on a more personal level – we’re pleased to be formally introduced. If you missed our last edition of GB Off-the-Record, be sure to go read about it here. Happy Friday!

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