Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene: GB Profiles Volume 2

Friday is here again (finally!), which means another opportunity to show off the Gwynnie Bee team and their great end of the week looks. While we at the GB blog are constantly looking for trends in what people are wearing, sometimes we don’t have to look farther than our office. The GB crew often experience moments of style synchronicity: several people in polka dots, or similar color palettes, and the occasional same outfit! This Friday, my coworkers were proving that summer is as good a time as any to wear monochromatic black & white. Read on to see who I caught working hard and looking good this casual Friday.

Jamie: Secretly Drew Barrymore?


Jamie, on our Influencer team, was the first person to catch my eye. As I walked into the photo studio, Jamie’s gorgeous white dress appeared in my peripheral– Jamie wearing white?! This is a new color for her, as her style is usually defined as “a cross between Lizzie McGuire and Wednesday Addams.” She tells me that with her wedding coming in December, she’s forcing herself to wear more white and embrace her new bride identity. I complimented her cute sandals as well, as she launched into a story about where she got them, and on sale too – the clearance rack scavenger in her never sleeps! I let her get back to her morning coffee (with this dress form?) to find my next Friday outfit inspiration.

TJ: Known for being “Voice-trous”


Speaking of inspiration, the artistic vision behind TJ’s look was instantly noticed by several people in the studio. Our photographer / graphic designer is definitely channeling a Beyoncé moment with his over-the-shoulder braids and brimmed hat. He says he’s been telling himself to get in formation all day with this look. Inspiration never ends when it comes to what TJ might wear into the office each day – it could be minimalist and modern or something inspired by friend and blogger Kelly Augustine. He needed to get back to work (creating a new video, coming soon!) but not before promising to bring him some golden Oreos: the ultimate bribe for TJ.

Alexis: Hair Chameleon


Alexis, on our Social Media team, looked so relaxed, working and listening to music (It’s a Vibe by 2 Chainz) on our studio couch, I almost didn’t want to interrupt her. But I loved how her off-the-shoulder top and printed leggings managed to look stylish, yet sooo comfortable. She tells me she’s prepping for fall with this look, garnering looks of alarm from our coworkers, who are not ready for summer to be going anywhere. Laughing, she tells me she bought a lot of black to ‘fit in’ when she moved to NYC, but we can expect her to break out more colors and prints… just not today.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek inside the GB Hive. Check back here on Fridays to meet a few more of our team members and get to know us on a more personal level – we’re pleased to be formally introduced. If you missed our last edition of GB Off-the-Record, be sure to go read about it here. Happy Friday!

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