No Sleep ‘Til Groveport…

Hey there from the East Coast Hive!

Want to know what’s up with that warehouse move we keep talking about? Here is the scoop on the latest.

Updates from the Shipping Front:

  • This evening we will be packing up the New York warehouse, and tomorrow, we will be driving our inventory to our warehouse location in Groveport, Ohio. Trucks will arrive on Saturday.
  • Our new 100,000 square foot facility will allow us to double our staff which will decrease shipping exchange times.
  • Some prepping, packing and shipping will take place over the weekend, but full shipping will resume on Monday.

Gwynnie Bee Meets Groveport: Brand Spanking New Warehouse #gwynniebee #newwarehouse

The New Gwynnie Bee Warehouse Pre-Build Out…

Return Shipments Reminders: 

  • All new return envelopes will list an Ohio return address. Feel free to use those shipping bags as well as any of your remaining New York ones to make exchanges.
  • Please note that the items in the At-Home section of your closet may stick around for a little bit longer than usual. This is because all packages returned to our New York facility will reroute for processing in Ohio.
  • In order to ensure immediate next shipments, we remind you to always take advantage of your return notify feature. If you already use the return notify feature, keep it up. 🙂
Again ladies, thank you for your patience and loyalty during this transitional period. We do appreciate it and want to re-emphasize how hard our team is working to continue to improve our service standards beyond the move to the new warehouse.
Stay tuned for more updates through the weekend and early next week!
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  • Sonja

    This is great news, but what does it mean for those of us who just started an account? I signed up 2 days ago, with no sign of anything having shipped yet, and it sounds like this move is only going to delay matters longer.

    I’m concerned about how well I’ll be able to test during my free trial, if I lose 1/4 – 1/2 of the free trial to the warehouse move.



    • Andrea

      I am similarly concerned. I re-activated my account on Tuesday and there has been no movement. Will there be any sort of a refund for those of use waiting at home for our first round? If new shipments don’t start until Monday, I have essentially paid for an not received a whole week of services.

      • Emily McCaughan

        I too took advantage of the reactivate my account not knowing you were relocating . This was over a week ago & still no shipments. I feel like canceling again!

    • Gwynnie Bee


      Hey there. Thanks for reaching out and giving us the opportunity to rectify your situation. I will have the customer service team follow up with you directly to ensure that you’re taken care of.

      Of course, let us know if you have any other questions.


      • Sonja

        Thank you!

  • Catherine

    I also have the same concern, i have returned a couple items but no progress on next item to ship out to me?! Delay much?

    • Gwynnie Bee


      I’m not able to see your account as I’m not sure of your last name and email. Would you please shoot our CS team a note and let them know that you commented on blog as well? Sorry I can’t be of more help here. If you feel comfortable letting me know the email that you have attached to your account here, I’d be happy to give the team a heads up about your concerns.


  • Nina

    When things were delayed during my trial period, GB extended the free trial for me. I am sure they will do the same thing for folks who may be waiting for garments during their free trial. As a result, I have been with GB for almost months now. It’s been a real wardrobe and money saver for me. I am more than happy to wait for my next box. This move is coming during the off season for me, so I am not stressed to get new things. I hope they are up and running again soon. I also have several things on the way back. I track their whereabouts using the DC number on the return label and my handy dandy USPS app.

  • Nina

    As a result, I have been with GB for almost 6 months now. It’s been a real wardrobe and money saver for me. **

  • Gwynnie Bee


    Thanks for sharing how GB helps you and your experience. It’s wonderful to hear when we are able to delight our members. We appreciate your loyalty and patience.


  • Erica

    I also recently began a new account and have not seen any movement in my closet items. Not only is my trial period being cut short, I am missing out on the 50% off at home items promotion. I sent an email requesting a status update but got no response. I was hoping to have my items by 7/2 but it doesn’t appear that’s going to happen.

    Truly Disappointed,

  • Laura

    Thank goodness! The processing times have gotten worse and worse since early this spring and have become positively ossified in the last month or so. I really hope that this new warehouse will improve the shipping speeds, or I will have to cancel as it’s just not economically worth it to me anymore.

    You might want to send an email out to all your members letting them know why things are so slow, and that times should improve shortly (I haven’t missed an email, have I?). Also maybe consider comping everyone a free week, or at least those of us who have been sitting with empty spots in our ‘at home’ section for a while.

    • Claudia M Ortiz

      Diddo on EVERYTHING you mentioned! I was going to make similar comments and I do wish they would have let their customers know via e-mail.

      It has been frustrating seeing that bee in an empty space in the closet. 🙁

      Hope this move rectifies the timeliness because Gwynnie Bee is good IN THEORY!

  • Lisa

    Slow processing times is my main complaint about this website in general. Hopefully the OH location will help some.

    I think crediting everyone a week would definitely go a long way in convincing some people to continue to subscribe…me included.

  • Amanda

    I joined this month. After what could be considered a slow start, 4 days to first piece shipped, all my bees were filled within 2 days. Not only that, I received extra items AND they extended my first billing date. I recently sent 2 items back and received an email the next day stating more was on the way. I also received several emails regarding the move and appreciate the communication. I am HOOKED! I have referred several friends and am counting down until my trial period is up. My only complaints, a: clothes so stinking cute I’m already buying and b: should I bump to the 7 or 10 plan….too many decisions!!!!

  • Meagan Goodman

    I just began my first month’s pay period and I’m very concerned about the delays in shipping. I was on a 3-item at a time trial plan and purchased one item on Monday and returned the items on Tuesday, but the At-Home section of my closet is still empty. If orders will not be fulfilled until after the weekend, that means I’ll be waiting until next Wednesday to receive my next shipment. Since your FAQ indicates that all shipments are fulfilled within 24-72 hours, it seems like you should be crediting paying members a portion of their subscription fee or including an extra item in shipment.

  • Stephanie

    Hello Busy Bees,
    I want to let you know that I am new to Gwynnie Bee to and I have been very pleased with my trial membership. Items have been a little slow, but understandably so. And I for one will be delighted when your move is complete and shipping will resume normally. My membership began 6/13 and I have been able to try 5 items so far, one I just had to purchase! I am satisfied with the overall service I have received and have been doing my best to recommend Gwynnie Bee to everyone I meet. Keep up the good work, I AM PROUD TO BE PART OF THE HIVE!

  • Erica

    Welp, Monday came and went without anything being shipped out to me. Called and got a terse response from customer disservice. I was told absolutely nothing could be done to expedite my order. I’ve never had such poor customer service before who runs a business by ignoring emails and customer concerns? Wow. They need Nordstrom to provide their team with customer service training. If my box doesn’t ship tomorrow, I’m cancelling the trial. I thought you were supposed to show potential customers your best during a free trial. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and Gwynnie Bee blew it.

  • Marla

    As I applaud your efforts to address your long term shipping crisis by moving to Ohio. You should be comping everyone a free month of membership. June was a waste of money for me and you basically got paid without providing a service. No excuses do the right thing.

    • Marcy

      I agree. I also think a partial credit would be fair. I also purchased an item from the Gwynniebee Shop that has yet to even ship yet. It was to ship with my next box. I had two boxes come to me prior to the move…and no item from the store purchase that was made :/

      I’ll give it another month with hopes that things improve with Ohio as I had been a member before…cancelled due to slow processing but rejoined with the invite back. I love the items and Gwynniebee in theory if we can get the processing on track.

  • Mary

    I sent back two garments last week and as of today, July 2, I have not received anything new. I have nothing in my “at home” section of my closet and it’s been that way for days. Do I get an extention on my trial period? Would love to hear how things are going and when I can expect my next shipment. Sure do hope you get this processing figured out soon!!!!

  • nktlboyd .

    I am currently testing your service and today I realized your warehouse is literally around the corner. Am I able to return and/or pickup direct?

    • Gwynnie Bee

      Hi – We don’t currently have an option for pick up or drop off at our distribution center.

      • nktlboyd .

        You may want to consider it even if it’s just a drop box. It would be a win for all concerned. You save on shipping costs, area residents get faster turn times. Area residents tend to be very loyal and shop local so it could increase your base as well. Just a thought.