How Gwynnie Bee is Revolutionizing the Retail Industry

When was the last time you treated yourself to a new wardrobe? If you’re like many busy women, finding the time to venture out to the mall and spend half a day in dressing rooms may fall by the wayside in favor of other “adult” responsibilities! At Gwynnie Bee, we’re revolutionizing the retail and apparel industries by offering women an easy-to-use, customized subscription service for fashion. No more dragging yourself out to the mall to sift through rack upon rack of mediocre styles; with our service, you can virtually shop our selection of literally thousands of styles to revamp your wardrobe.

What sets us apart from other apparel subscription services out there? Gywnnie Bee is a rental service, allowing you to swap pieces out of your wardrobe as often or as seldom as you like! Of course, if you find a piece that you absolutely fall in love with, we’ll offer you a sizable discount off original retail prices. And because we’re not a styling service, you get to personally hand pick all your items so you know you’ll only receive what you love.

Starting a Fashion Revolution

Gywnnie Bee was launched in 2012 by CEO Christine Hunsicker, who recognized the economy’s gradual shift towards a sharing culture. People were already beginning to share their homes with others via services like Airbnb, and sharing a ride via a Lyft or Uber was quickly becoming the “norm” over hailing a cab. Today, it seems as though Americans are willing to rent/share just about anything, from music and movies to vacation homes and cab rides—so long as they feel they’re getting more bang for their buck. With this in mind, Hunsicker recognized the many potential benefits for women to rent their wardrobes rather than owning fashion pieces outright.

For starters, rental services like Gwynnie Bee allow women to experiment and have more fun with their wardrobes and styles than ever before. Knowing that you’re not obligated to keep something if you don’t love it makes it easier to branch out a bit and try new things that you otherwise may not have tried! As Hunsicker explained in a 2016 interview with CNBC, “we allow women to take more risk with their wardrobe, because they will rent and wear so many more things than they would ever buy.”

Hunsicker also saw a huge gap in the apparel industry: a lack of subscription services catering to women size 10 and up; with about 75% of adult women in the United States wearing a size 10 or above (and two-thirds wearing a size 14 and above), the apparel market certainly doesn’t represent this large portion of the population very well. Combine this with the fact that women leave up to 80% of the garments in their closets unworn for a year or more, and it’s very clear why the concept of clothing rental is quickly taking the nation by storm.

What about the issue of cleanliness? If the thought of donning something that someone else has already worn gives you pause, you’ll be pleased to know that Gwynnie Bee takes cleanliness very seriously. In fact, we have our own on-site dry cleaning plant and hold ourselves to an extremely high standard, striving to only send out garments that are cleaner than new! Specifically, each garment that leaves our office is thoroughly reviewed by three different inspectors, so you can rest assured every piece you receive is clean and sanitized. And on that same note, you don’t have to worry about laundering any items before you send them back; we’ll take care of it!

Ready to Join the Revolution?

Our members are at the forefront of this new way to experience clothing – join us! Whether you’re looking to receive just one new item of clothing per month or a completely new wardrobe, Gwynnie Bee has a subscription option for you. Starting at just $49 a month, you can join in the retail revolution by renting new styles from more than 200 different designers today. And if you subscribe now, you can try our service free for 30 days!

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