GB Off-the-Record: Hug Your Boss Edition

It’s “Hug Your Boss” Day! A holiday certainly thought up from an employee feeling particularly grateful (or a boss in need of a little extra affection). Our fearless leader, CEO Christine Hunsicker, reserves hugs for special occasions only, and we felt this one would be worth it. So, she braced for a giant group hug and a “thank you” for being an incredible ‘boss’.

Brace yourself!

While the idea of hugging your boss may strike you as more or less of an enjoyable experience, we can all certainly appreciate what we learn from them. To that point, we’d like to virtually hug our current and past leadership by sharing the best advice we’ve learned from them:

  • “The best advice I’ve ever gotten from leadership is to prioritize personal and professional development.”
  • “Be honest. Particularly in the context of marketing. Bending the truth or twisting things around doesn’t help the consumer or your business. Honest marketing is the best approach.”
  • “Take time to understand the product/service your company is offering. Learn about other functions even if they are not related to your core domain. You may not realize it, but you will make better business decisions.”

And finally a bit of great advice from Christine herself: “Learn to embrace risk. If you want to build your own business, it’s never going to be the safe thing to do,” she says. “And you need to be self-aware about how you are going to handle pressure, exhaustion, risk, and failure. All of it happens, daily. Some people thrive in that environment and some people crumble. You should know which kind of person you are.”

Christine out!

Happy Friday and happy hugging! Or, at least, swing by their desk for a quick “thanks”.

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