The Bees Have Landed in Ohio!

The team in Long Island City has packed the boxes and loaded them onto the trucks which have hit the road for Ohio!  We’re moving on…

Move15small Move16small


We’re delighted to share that we are  now in the process of unpacking the trucks in our new Ohio home!

photo1 Documenting the first truck arriving!

As stated in our previous update, so picking and packing is happening this weekend, but all shipments will resume on Monday. It’s truly all hands on deck for our existing employees and our new staff, which doubles the size of the team preparing your shipments!

Again, thank you for your patience and loyalty during this transitional period. Our team is working non-stop to continue to improve our service standards beyond the move to the new warehouse.

For more updates of the Gwynnie Bee move to Groveport, stay tuned to the Gwynnie Bee blog!  

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  • Nina

    This is so exciting!

  • Marjorie Williams

    OMG, I can’t wait! You guys are going to love the cost of living here in the Midwest!! 🙂

  • Kaci

    I very excited to try your company. I was a little worried that I would lose some of my 30 day free trial because I signed up last week, but I just noticed you guys extended my trial until August 1! I haven’t even received clothes yet and I’m already impressed with your customer service!!

  • GentleSoul

    Still waiting for a shipment. Sent my item back. It is received by you. Nothing in my mailbox yet. Let’s go Ohio.

  • Mia

    Joined on Friday . Today is Wednesday and nothing still has been sent out? Sigh I appreciate the extension of my free trial but so far I’m a little disappointed.