September 2018

“Get In Loser, We’re Going Shopping”

Let’s go to the Mall!”, fictional How I Met Your Mother character, Robin Sparkles, half giggles, half sings. Decked out in an acid-wash denim jacket with a graffitied back and jelly bracelets stacked to her elbows, this “pop star” oozes ‘80s teen nostalgia in the show’s parody music video. This episode aired in 2006, yet the reference was so specific, it’s almost unidentifiable from something that actually could have been a hit song in the ‘80s. read more

Fit It or Quit It: A Tale of Sizing Gone Wrong

If you could read the mind of any woman browsing a clothing store, you’d likely hear some expletives over sizing. Determining if a clothing item will fit properly has been plaguing women since the dawn of ready-to-wear. If you’ve ever lamented why you’re a certain size in one brand, only to be a completely different size in another–you’re far from alone. So, how did sizing get so (ahem) mucked up? read more

Meeting the Consumer Where She’s At – The Future of Shopping

Hoarding catalogues to trolling malls, Tupperware parties to Cyber Monday, as long as there have been things to buy, we’ve been inventing new ways to shop for them. Today, we’re one-click away from those Gucci slides we’ve been coveting. But in a world where we are using crowdfunding apps in our ride-share cars on our way to AirBnBs – ownership isn’t king anymore. So, what exactly is the future of shopping? read more