November 2017

Don’t Burn a Bridge: 7 Ways to Stay Professional in Tough Situations

Co-workers are a lot like your family at the holidays.

First, you don’t choose your family, just as you don’t choose your co-workers. Next, you have to spend a lot of your time with them, and it’s all in close quarters. There are also certain family members (co-workers) who you’ll always try to avoid because getting along with them seems … impossible. read more

How You’re Wearing It: Alice & You Velvet Pleated Skirt In Raspberry

Trends come and go, but when you’re interested in cashing in on the moment, that’s when rental saves the day. Try the trend and swap it out when you’re ready to move on. This Alice & You Velvet Pleated Skirt In Raspberry hits two big moments this fall: velvet and pleats. Romantic and flattering, it is no surprise this piece is lighting up our feeds – you’re wearing it well! Read on to see how you’re styling this piece and be sure to closet it for yourself. read more