November 2013

Brand Spotlight: Cabiria

Eden in her studio

At a small table by the window over two cups of hot black tea, we asked Eden Miller to describe her brand’s aesthetic. We were sitting together on the studio side of the divider separating her work space from her bedroom; creative artifacts surrounded us. In the presence of printed swaths of fabric pinned to cork boards, antiquated movie posters framed and faded, tender green plants leaning towards the light, shelves upon shelves of vintage sewing literature, and more color than the eye can possibly take in at once, the answer was abundantly apparent. read more

Because the rules were made to be broken.

What is more style-celebratory than a gorgeous print? Prints are an easy way to add a touch of intrigue to any ensemble – and with minimal effort too. They can be expressive, vibrant, attention-grabbing, and bold, soft, feminine, flirty, and fun. And with an endless and varied offering there’s certainly something for everyone. Nevertheless, one fashion rule decries prints for being loud and unflattering. It’s no secret that we at Gwynnie Bee believe that this rule is utter nonsense – just look at all the fantastic prints we carry! read more

An Afternoon in Fort Greene with Kirstin Marie

Halogen Crewneck Sweater with Face Print, sizes M-3X

Our love for blogger Kirstin Marie’s style is well documented. Not only does Kirstin know how to put a unique spin on every Gwynnie Bee outfit she rocks on her blog, she also knows how to complete the look with the perfect accessory. We spent a sunny fall afternoon in Kirstin in Fort Greene strolling through the park and browsing the Brooklyn Flea Market.  read more