The Orderly Life: Finding the Perfect Planner

If you’re getting cold sweats, nervous jitters, or outright ignoring the impending holiday season (and all the stress that comes with it), we don’t blame you! But we do have a solution. No, we can’t do your shopping for you, or prepare your aunt’s recipe to perfection, but we can help you get your life in order before the season hits full steam. Introducing: The Orderly Life, tips to get your day-to-day organized, so you’re more prepared to meet the holidays head on. 

Staying organized is no small feat, and getting a system in place that works for you takes some shopping around. Luckily, we’re coming to you with five planners and journals  to find a method that encompasses exactly what you need. Read on to find your planner soul mate!

The All-in-One Planners
If you’re someone who wants their passions, goals, and tasks to live in on place, you want a planner journal that is ready to hold all that you do.

You might consider a Passion Planner, featuring motivational quotes, weekly challengers, and goal aides while also keeping your days and tasks calendared out.

Or, if you’re more of a scrapbooker, you might look into a LifePlanner, which takes all-in-one to a whole new creative levels, with stickers, coloring pages, and add-ons for endless personalization.

Freeform Journal Planners
For those who the structured journal is too restrictive, a freeform journal planner is more a method than a product. Try one of these to break out of the box and only include what is important to you.

If you need a system that is flexible but still has a method, Bullet Journaling is all the rage. You choose the notebook and create what you need as you go. Using an index and page numbering system, you’ll never have to blindly flip through a notebook again, while having an evolving and adapting system at your finger tips. Bullet journaling can go be as “just business” or as creative as you want. Pinterest has so many interesting pages you can add to your bullet journal.

If you are a visual type looking to work through creative problem solving, the vision journaling method includes setting intention, yes/no lists to determine what projects you should agree to, work through problems, and determine next steps.

Maybe your typical daily planner has everything you need but your time could be used better – Introducing: The Covey Method. First brought to popularity in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Covey introduces quadrants to put tasks into 4 categories considering whether the task is urgent or not or important or not. Try this to weed out tasks that are wasting your time, and determining where you should be investing more time.

Do you have planners or methods that have been a savor? Comment below and sound off on how you manage to stay organized.

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