The Local: GB Team Takes NYC

Holiday season in NYC is iconic – all the glittery joy of the season adding to the city’s normal luster. With an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline from the GB Headquarters, we couldn’t help but want to share our favorite must-see spots there with you. Our team members Kelly, Sarah, Jamie, and Alexis headed to historic Rockefeller Center to give you a virtual tour of the best festivities the city has to offer. Read on to get your official GB tour of the area.

Rockefeller Center:
This is a must-see during the holidays in NYC. The lights go up a week after Thanksgiving, and so do the ice skates. The lighting is so festive and beautiful, it’s the perfect kickstart to holiday cheer! On a chilly day escape to the basement of Rock Center, where you can find an array of coffee and sandwich shops. If you are lucky enough to snag a table enjoy watching the ice skaters on the rink, or just casual people watch (you never know who you may see!).

IMG_1670 IMG_1821

Saks Fifth Avenue Store Window:
One of the most beautiful holiday displays in NYC, Saks is directly across from Rockefeller and is by far my favorite. This year is all baubles and gif-worthy motorized window treatments. Stick around once the sun goes down to catch the lights display that Saks puts on!

Saks 5th Saks

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral:
No matter what time of year, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the monument to stop by. Grandiose in both size and design, the Cathedral is simply adorned with a wreath for the holidays. It’s quite a sight!

St Pat StPats

Lotte Palace Hotel:
The christmas tree in the Lotte Palace courtyard is by far the best in NYC, in our opinion. It’s huge, full and decorated beautifully. If you have time sneak inside the hotel lobby to be greeted by more holiday decor. And who doesn’t want to snap a pic where Blair and Serena spent their holidays? xoxo, Gossip Girl (ha!).

Lotte Palace Lotte Palace 2

​Bouchon Bakery:
Directly across the street from The Today Show and the Rockefeller ice skating rink, Bouchon is a dimly lit dream full of tasty cakes and delicious treats from sweet to savory. The macarons are to die for, so are the croissants. Stop in for reprieve during a cold day!

Bouchon Bakery Bouchon Bakery 2

Thanks for joining us! Have you spent time in NYC in the holiday season? Comment below and let us know your can’t-miss spots to celebrate everything merry and bright. Check out other hotspots around the country loved by our members here.

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