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Clem Styles It

On the set of our photo shoots model Clementine Desseaux has a developed a reputation for offering up great style tips—she’s an expert at effortlessly blending trends and she always knows how to complete the look. “My personal style is a mix of my boyfriend’s pieces and sexy, quirky, feminine, touches. I love great fabrics and cuts more than anything!” she says. Clem shared her style secrets over lattes and croissants at Maman, one of her favorite French bakeries, where Clem showed us how she’d put her signature twist on some of her favorite Gwynnie Bee pieces, including our Three Dots Brushed Sweater with Silk Collar. read more

Short Styles: Advice from Wardrobe Oxygen

With the launch of our first Shape Report on Short Styles, we thought it’d be great to hear from a shorter woman who has tried lots of Gwynnie Bee items. Enter Alison Gary, blogger behind Wardrobe Oxygen, who has been a Gwynnie Bee member for a year and has tried lots of pieces. She shares some of her favorite styles for shorter women with us. read more