Because the rules were made to be broken.

The body-con, or “body-conscious,” look has been everywhere lately – we’ve spotted figure hugging styles on the runway and in the office, on the red carpet and on some of our most stylish friends.

The body-con look is everywhere!

Fashion rules suggesting that anyone over a size 2 steer clear of the body-con look are just begging to be broken. As a matter of fact, body-cons are actually a fantastic option for everyone; because body-cons are typically made of stretchy, versatile fabrics, they offer great fit for all sizes.

Wear yours as a statement of confidence like one of our favorite bloggers Chastity Garner of Garner Style. Chastity jumped right in, rocking our ASOS Curve BodyCon Dress in Stripe Floral for her first blog post as a Gwynnie Bee member.

ASOS Curve Bodycon Dress in Stripe Floral, sizes 14-24

(Chastity’s fave GB body-con!!)

While body-con pieces are a great way to embrace your figure and flaunt your curves, body-cons aren’t only for the bold. They come in all lengths, some with sleeves, some sleeveless, so it’s easy to show off just as much as you’re comfortable with. Chastity shares her take on body-cons:

ASOS Curve Bodycon Dress in Graphic Print, sizes 14-24

Have you always felt comfortable wearing body-con styles?

I didn’t feel comfortable in form fitting clothing until I got older. I wore the baggy styles for years. Just growing into myself and being comfortable with my own body got me comfortable.

Jessica Howard Dress – look for it in an upcoming batch of New Arrivals!

What advice do you have for people who want to try the body con look, but are afraid that it may be too revealing?

I feel like a lot of people knock something before they actually try. They look at it and say, “I can’t wear that.” Just try it on. Half the battle is trying it on.  I think the mirror will speak for itself.

Alfani Asymmetrical Striped Tiered Dress, sizes M-3X

How do you rock to body con look for the fall and winter seasons?

Add a moto jacket, tights, and booties to transfer those body-cons from the spring/summer to fall/winter.

Break the rules and try a body-con! Tag a photo of yourself in a figure hugging style with #GBRuleBreakers and #BoCo (Body Confidence!) and we’ll share your style with the community, inspiring fun fashion for all!

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  • Nina

    I’d love to try this, but I am nor brave. I think body con looks AMAZING on women who are pear shaped. It’s so sexy and feminine, in my opinion. I am shaped like an apple and anything that hugs my belly is just a disaster on me. Maybe I could pull it off if I had some serious shapewear.

    • Gwynnie

      We totally get it – bodycon can be intimidating if you’ve not worn it before! Consider giving it a try by layering with a blazer or denim jacket, or even topping with an oversized sweater. If the belly makes you feel uncomfortable, you could bring the visual interest up to the neckline – try a V or scoop neck and a big statement necklace. Of course, if it really isn’t for you, we’ve got lots of other styles for you to try 🙂

    • Beth

      Nina, try Kiyonna’s Victoria Draped Dress. I just received this in wine color. I was skeptical about it but holy cow it looks smokin’ on me, and I can’t believe how well the draping hides my belly. Now I just need a date night worthy of this dress.

  • Allison

    I love this post! The models look amazing in these body-con styles!