What to Wear to a Business Meal – Unlocked!

You’ve a handle on office style. On a daily basis you mix and match with ease a few different pieces for a multitude of looks that you’re comfortable wearing. Stylish and chic, you’re exactly on track to be the office style star you know you are. But then your boss asks you for a business meal outside of the office. Game changer? Definitely.

Maybe you have to entertain clients or accounts from out-of-town. The dinner could be in celebration of a milestone achievement or other company event. Perhaps a convention? Either way you have to up your style game to the next level. Here’s some tips on what to wear to a variety of different outside of work meals that will have you looking just right, from casual to dressy and everything in between.

9372-BLK-064_retouched Michael Studio by Addition Elle Black Combo Fit & Flare Dress 

Casual Lunchtime Meal Attire

So you’re just stepping out for a casual lunch at a low-key restaurant. You still have to remain professional to look your best, but this isn’t a time to go over-the-top with your look. Maybe you are just meeting up with clients coming straight out of your office, or even on a weekend, when you aren’t normally going to be at work. The look you want to aim for here is polished, but easy. Nothing too fussy for a lunch.

A great idea is a wrap dress or this Fall Mosaic Shirt Dress from Loft. The print on the dress material will jazz it up a bit, but still keeps the overall vibe casually sophisticated. Or you could go with this Black Combo Fit & Flare Dress by Michael Studio by Addition Elle. With the comfy stretch jersey material, it’s a perfect daytime dress that has a very flattering fit which you won’t feel self-conscious in. You’ll be able to relax and chat easily at your business meal, without having to worry that your outfit is bunching up or laying wrong on you. For any of these day dress looks, you’ll want to wear a stylish pump or even a ballet flat is a nice choice if you are going to be walking downtown anywhere in your city.

10112-NVY-059_retouched Loft Fall Mosaic Shirt Dress


Michael Studio by Addition Elle Black Combo Fit & Flare Dress 

The Formal Business Dinner Deal

For a more formal business dinner at a high-end restaurant or catered event, you’ll have to pull out the stops a bit more. This Adrianna Papell Fit & Flare With Mesh Inserts is exactly right, not too tight or low-cut. Very business dress appropriate. You’ll get lots of compliments on this dress because it’s evening enough, without being too flashy. Glamorous and refined is how you want to look for a business dinner.

You can also score a winning look with a Color Block Asymmetrical Dress, also by Adrianna Papell. This is perfect to pair with that strappy heel, black patent stiletto, or even a low kitten heel if you like a more comfortable shoe. It’s a very versatile look that is smart and stylish.

9329-BLK-011 Adrianna Papell Fit & Flare With Mesh Inserts 

7741-MUL-1020 Adrianna Papell Color Block Asymmetrical Dress

What About Just Coffee?

Coffee out-of-the-office is the perfect time to wear a Trouser In Black by Loft. You can pair this easy pant style with a variety of shirts or blouse options. A cardigan even works nicely over this look for an effortless professional style. On top you’ll want to go with this Karen Kane Double Layered V-Neck Top because  it’s casual and relaxed, the total perfect blouse for a meeting over lattes.

7481-BLU-0039_retouched Loft Trouser In Black 



 Karen Kane Double Layered V-Neck Top

A Few Dressing Ideas To Avoid Always

For anything to do with business, there are a few things to avoid. Short shirts are out, as is anything too low-cut or revealing. Stay away from t-shirts, lighter jeans, and spaghetti straps.   Above all you want to look elegant, stylish, and the keywords here are “polished perfection” or “work-appropriate.” This isn’t the time for a too casual look.

Being on target with your attire can position you as a power player in your office environment and outside of it, so you’ll be on track for that upward movement in your career you deserve.

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