Gwynnie Bee staffers are always well-dressed, on- and off-duty. Must be all the great clothing we’re surrounded by every day! We chatted with four of our stylish staffers about how they dress for the office, what they love about their jobs and their best career advice. You can nab their style now in our staffer-inspired Workwear Collection on!

Kelly, Influencer Coordinator Kelly, Gwynnie Bee Staffer City Chic Longline Collarless Jacket and City Chic Black and White Stripe Pencil Skirt

What do you do at GB?
I manage the reviews that go on all new arrivals garments! As well as relationships with bloggers for editorial and aspects of Public Relations.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
This is literally my dream job, I love every part of it!

How do you approach dressing for work?
I like to be trendy, yet comfortable, since I’m moving around often. I have lots of dark denim and pencil skirts, but I’ll wear a sweatshirt with a skirt or a blousy top with jeans.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever gotten?
What I’m doing is bigger than I am! It keeps things in perspective for me.

Anne, Director of Partnerships and Business Development
Anne, Gwynnie Bee Staffer Gabby Skye Boatneck Geometric Print Shift Dress 

What do you do at GB?
I work with other companies to spread the word about Gwynnie Bee and to introduce our members to new and exciting products and services.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
I love talking with all kinds of people about Gwynnie Bee and coming up with creative ways to work with partners. It’s fun for me to get to meet new people every day, learn a bit about what they do and find common goals we can reach together.

How do you approach dressing for work? 
There’s a blend of the fun and the practical. I spend my days all over the city, going from meeting to meeting. I need to look professional and represent Gwynnie Bee well, but I also need to wear things that are practical for the subway, getting in and out of cabs, and whatever weather NYC decides to throw at me. I like to look pulled together, but I avoid things I worry about fussing with all day.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever gotten? 
One of my early mentors really impressed upon me the importance of being yourself, and finding a professional approach that works for your strengths. So many of us try to fit ourselves into a mold of how we think we “should be” or try to precisely emulate a manager or colleague’s approach. But for better or for worse, there’s no hard and fast rule book for finding success. I love working with people who are passionate about what they’re doing, generous with their colleagues, and comfortable in their own skin, so I try to embody those qualities.

Shiho, Senior Buyer
Shiho, Gwynnie Bee Staffer Corey Brianne Top

What do you do at GB?
I am part of the merchandising team. I focus on creating buying and planning strategies to ensure we have the best assortment possible for our member. I also work on developing partnership with existing brands as well as new brands.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I love that everyday there’s a new challenge. It never gets boring and I’m always learning something new.

How do you approach dressing for work?
We are lucky we don’t have any strict dress code at work so I switch it up based on how I feel. During the winter, I tend to be more casual because I love to wear cozy sweaters & boots. In the summer time, I love to wear dresses and dress up a bit more.

What’s the best piece of career advice?
Many people say “do what you love” which I think is good advice but the best advice I’ve been given is “love what you do.” Loving what you do extends more than loving your job and responsibilities and makes me think about the impact and difference that I can make.

Jamie, Marketing Coordinator
Jamie, Gwynnie Bee Staffer

Gabby Skye Dress In Black & White Chevron  

What do you do at GB?
My role at GB comes with many hats.  I work with YouTubers, bloggers and affiliates to help communicate the GB brand to their audiences.  A big part of my role is finding the right influencers to align with GB and tracking how their content performs for us.

What’s your favorite part of your job? 
I love that my to-do list is never short, and that there is always something for me to jump into.  I get to work on a diverse range of projects from influencer, to affiliate to partnerships and events so every day is different. 

How do you approach dressing for work?
I dress with the idea in mind that the office temperature may change several times throughout the course of a day.  I like to play with layers and simple silhouettes that can be dressed up or down.  My go-to items include skater skirts and sheer blazers.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever gotten?  
“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure” -Girlboss

Photography by: Trévon James

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