With Gwynnie Bee, you can always try out the latest styles without the commitment, and we love to see our members experimenting with their style and trying something new. And that means the hottest pieces of the season!

Standout Knits are having a moment with some of our favorite fashionable ladies, and we are loving it.  We’ve put together some tips and tricks on how to make Standout Knits work for you this winter, inspired by some of our favorite fashionistas. You can browse (and closet!) from our Standout Knits collection, as well.

Trending Now: Standout Knits Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen in the BB Dakota Wolf Sweater 

We’ll happily concede sweaters are our favorite chilly weather item. We consider any knit a “standout” that features a unique pattern, bold print, or interesting fabrication. Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen (above) rocks her cozy look in the BB Dakota Wolf Sweater with a print that adds some edge to your go-to black sweater. The geometric wolf print is sure to turn heads while you stay snug.

iTrending Now: Standout Knits Anna of Glitter and Lazers in the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Le Meow Sweater

Like Alison, Anna of Glitter and Lazers (above) also sports an off-beat animal print, but the quirky cat on the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Le Meow Sweater makes a strong statement as well. Drawn by Melissa McCarthy’s daughter, this cat adds a darling twist. Extra bonus feature of this sweater? Pockets.

Trending Now: Standout Knits Cora of Vintage or Tacky in the City Chic Open Weave Sweater

If you’re attracted to something a bit more graphic, reach for a sweater with an interesting weave. Spotted on Cora of Vintage or Tacky (above), the City Chic Open Weave Sweater accomplishes just that. A mix of stripes and chevron kick this sweater up a notch and the metallic threading throughout really seals the deal.

Trending Now: Standout Knits Sarah Rae Vargas in the City Chic Fluffy Passion Sweater

We all know the best part of donning a sweater is the blanket like quality. No need to sacrifice softness for style. Shown on Sarah Rae Vargas (above) the City Chic Fluffy Passion Sweater creates stripes with a mix of fabrics. The purple stripes live up to their fluffy name with some of the plushest material out there.

Trending Now: Standout Knits @youniquelymimi in the BB Dakota Eliza Cardigan

When layers are called for, you can still sport the trend with a cushy open front cardigan. We love the BB Dakota Eliza Cardigan on @youniquelymimi for its bold checked print. You can’t miss this buffalo plaid, taking this outfit from cute to chic.

If you’re ready to try the look for yourself, closet Standout Knits, and show off your style with hashtag #ShareMeGB.

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