Rings with a Story: Which One Tells Yours?

Is an outfit unadorned even complete? We think accessories, jewelry, in particular, can hold a personal meaning and tie your look together. From the way it makes you feel, memories of where you wore it, or who might have gifted it to you – the story of your day is enriched with those finishing details.

It’s that concept that we love about our latest addition on GB Marketplace. Introducing Agapantha: a ring collection named around the inspirational women in designer Dani’s life. Each ring (sold up to a size 12!) is named after a woman with a specific story. Slipping on these rings may embolden you to take on the qualities of the woman it’s named after, or perhaps enhance those qualities in yourself. She has even designed a ring stack exclusive for Gwynnie Bee, with you in mind – meant to embrace your story. Read on to see which pieces rings true to you and shop the collection.

LENA Line Ring 
Lena is the serious, analytical one. That friend that always has your back. She’s quiet, but when she speaks it’s all truth and often leaves you in stitches. This ring is Lena… it’s literally on the straight and narrow, adds so much to the group (think ring stack!) and is a constant favorite.

EDEN Full Moon Ring
Eden is my astrology expert friend. The one that asks you what sign your new love interest is and then proceeds to give you a full run down on how your relationship is going to play out. Then she laughs at herself for knowing so much. She’s a stargazer and realist, a true dichotomy. The Eden ring was inspired by that dichotomy. It pays homage to the moon, but in a subtle minimalist style.

JESSA Triangle Ring
Jessa is that knockout friend. Bohemian, edgy, up for anything. You know when you’re with her you’re going to get in some kind of “good” trouble. The Jessa ring is all that – perfect in it’s imperfections, on trend – but always relevant, and always getting noticed.

JUNIBEL Sweetheart Ring
Junibel is a little friend that I have known since she was a toddler. Even then she was spunky, feminine, full of love and downright adorable. The Junibel ring is sweet, delicate, feminine and, like Junibel, adorable. It’s perfect for your best friend, a reminder to love yourself, a thank you to your mom or as a gift to your love.

BECCA Twist Ring
Becca is a friend I met on the Subway in NY. A real NY love story. We had a super quick conversation while sitting across from each other on the Subway in Manhattan. I thought, I would absolutely be friends with that girl. Next day, in Brooklyn, we were next to each other in a pilates class. The rest is history. Becca is fun – think pink hair – but also has a nice southern girl charm. The twist ring is that, fun and charming.

JENNA Chain Ring
Jenna is one of the most kind, down to earth and fashion forward women I know. She’s no nonsense, but in a “I manage to look amazing and put together even when running after 3 kids and working full time” kind of way. The Jenna ring is sweet, way stronger than it looks and always manages to get attention.

Bronwyn is an architect. She has that effortless minimalist style. This ring is all her – simple, graceful, minimalist, timeless.

GB Exclusive Triple Stack
This ring stack was inspired by the gorgeous and diverse women of Gwynnie Bee. Each ring speaks for itself, but together, is full of confidence and style, sparkle and class. It’s fun, it’s serious and everything in between – it’s your new everyday reminder of all that you are.

Which ring set connects with you? Shop the collection on GB Marketplace and check out the other accessories, basics, and activewear to tell your story everyday.

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