Petal Pushers: Wear Now, Wear Later Floral Dresses

Be it bold blooms or dainty petals, these floral dresses keep the mood elevated but of the moment. Go beyond garden variety for instant impact to carry you through the shifting season from summer to fall: wear these now and later. Be it your daytime mix or evening dress-up, these powerhouse styles invest late summer with an elegant refinement. Effortless fabrics like chiffon or georgette and a tasteful palette lend these flowers extra power–here we highlight our favorites.

8870-MUL-1762 City Chic Daytime Diva Dress

8777-MUL-006_retouched Taylor Dresses Chiffon Swing Dress In Rosewood

9539-MUL-027_retouched Robbie Bee Shift Dress In Black & White Floral Dress

9532-MUL-009_retouched Gilli Short Sleeve Fit And Flare Dress In Blue Floral Print

8867-MUL-015_retouched City Chic Wild Rose Dress

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