Barbecues, weekend trips, picnics, beach lounging and more — however you plan to celebrate Memorial Day, one thing’s for sure: You’re definitely going to want to do it in style. Three of our favorite style setters gave us the key to their style for the upcoming three day weekend. Read on for style inspo that you won’t want to miss.

Bree from The Tall Society:

Memorial Day kicks off my favorite time of the year in New York. New Yorkers start spending a lot more time outside, as the weather is finally more mild and accommodating. It means the start of summer Fridays, sipping rosé on rooftops, long walks in Central Park, eating all sorts of yumminess at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, and a plethora of amazing festivals to attend around the city.

Bree_SF_TallSociety_WhiteBrick_004  Adrianna Papell Vermillion Cutout Dress

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, so Memorial Day is a new holiday for me. Remembering those that gave their lives for the freedoms I enjoy in the country I call home is important to me. This year on Memorial Day I will be enjoying the sunshine from a friend’s rooftop while we experiment with everything you can throw on a grill and we reflect on all that makes this country an amazing one.

Bree_SF_TallSociety_SlattedWall_003 Adrianna Papell Vermillion Cutout Dress

This stunning eye-catching red number from Adrianna Papell is a head-turner. Knowing what flatters your body type = power, and a fit-and-flare dress will always be a winner for me. It hugs my curves in all the right places. The slivered cutouts on the shoulders add a sexy detail to this otherwise formal dress. I added my favorite booties to give the look a more casual tone and to contrast the red of the dress.

Bree_SF_TallSociety_Trees_001  Adrianna Papell Vermillion Cutout Dress

I usually wear something comfy and colorful. I want something I can easily move around in, and most importantly it must be something that will allow me to eat my tummy full and still be comfortable ☺. I always consider what I’ll be eating, don’t you? #Priorities

Anna of Glitter and Lazers:

Growing up my family was SUPER patriotic. My mother a proud member of D.A.R. and every other American lineage society one can imagine. I spent most of my Memorial days carefully placing flags on the graves of fallen soldiers, hanging elaborate red, white, and blue bunting around town, and all sort of other things to celebrate the day. While those traditions haven’t endured, it helped me learn from an early age to say thank you to those who have fought for the freedoms I carelessly get to enjoy. No country is perfect, but I’m grateful I live somewhere I can wear what I want, love who I want and find solace in whatever god or flying spaghetti monster I so choose.

IMG_6915 (2) Leota Isabella Dress in Martini Dot Red

With Memorial Day just around the corner and I am currently planning a little get away- somewhere with scrumptious food and tons of fun. As per usual, I don’t have anything sorted out yet. I’m a last minute, hot mess, type of girl. Don’t judge. However, I know a few things my patriotic party spot will definitely include: BBQ, sweet sweet jams, and good times.

IMG_6905 (1) Leota Isabella Dress in Martini Dot Red

This look is a great reflection of my typical Memorial Day swag: Red, white, and blue sex goddess. I chose this piece because- duh- I look faboo in red. Also, the circles dotting this dress totally look like those Greek eyes you wear for good luck. Patriotism and good fortune all in one? I’ll take it. I paired this punchy polka piece with a pair of wedge heels with navy accents, gold accessories, and the cutest pup around. I grabbed a simple coordinating tote bag to carry all the leftovers you know I’m going to figure out a way to bring home. That’s why Data looks so cute… “Oh look a puppy wearing a patriotic scarf!!” ***steal all the left overs*** “Wow that mac and cheese went fast, didn’t it?” ***internally evil laughs***

Rachel of Lovely in LA:

I am kicking off this year’s Memorial Day celebration in typical Southern Cali style with a couple of parties. First stop is a BBQ on the beach followed by the quintessential LA party with friends in the hills.

sgwynniebee4094 (1) Robbie Bee Cold Shoulder Stripe Dress

I chose the navy and white striped cold shoulder dress by Robbie Bee because I love a good cold shoulder dress! I also saw this piece as being pretty versatile (which I LOVE) and knew immediately I could style it several different ways to fit any occasion. The first look was more casual with my white tennis shoes and a white jacket, easy for running around. If I were to wear this dress later in the day for my evening festivities, I could easily throw on my nude wedges and pair with my denim jacket.

Snapseed Robbie Bee Cold Shoulder Stripe Dress

My Memorial Day attire really depends on what I am doing that day. Typically, I find myself wearing a colorful maxi dress layered with a crop denim jacket or a fit and flare dress. Add a nice oversized handbag and some wedges into the mix and I am good to go. If the weather is colder (which yes, that DOES happen in LA) I might be wearing my go to skinny jeans and light weight tee layered with a sweater or light jacket.

Thanks ladies! For more of these fabulous fashionistas, follow Anna, Bree, and Rachel on Instagram. 

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