Remember the empowering feeling that came with playing dress up in childhood? That plastic crown and costume jewelry was a portal for adventure. While fairy wings may not have the same effect in our adult lives, there is something magical about stepping into the shoes of your alternate lives: be it a chic gallery owner, an experimental artist, or a modern restauranteur. So, maybe you don’t know anything about wine, or that sketch book was only a passing thought – your wardrobe doesn’t need to know that. We’re taking inspiration from jobs we’re fantasizing about and dressing for the job we want.

Today, our dream job is sommelier: a wine steward, which we picture to be a dreamy life sipping wine, using phrases like “puckery tannins” and “a velvety mouthfeel”. Pairing wines to elegant dishes, and debating base and top notes, our sommelier fantasy has us traveling from upscale restaurants to quiet vineyards in sunny locations.

As sneaking wine out of a water bottle around town is typically frowned upon, we’ll take our first inspiration from the color of our favorite wines and leave the partaking for after hours.


8181-RED-0158 Isabel + Alice Darcy Top in Rubaiyet


8197-YEL-017 Isabel + Alice Avery Top in Spring Morning


7249-PNK-1876 INC International Concepts Cold Shoulder Top in Blush Spacedye

Now that we’ve got a taste for it, our first destination in our imagined new career, is an chic little restaurant, giving advice to patrons on what to order to pair with their Pomegranate Glazed Salmon and offering up decorative wine labels. We’re going for modern and sleek for this fantasy. 

7207-BLK-1943 Rachel Rachel Roy Caftan Dress

7557-BLK_017 Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Mermaid Skirt

7236-BLK-2 City Chic Samurai Jumpsuit

Our daydream is taking us next to a sunny vineyard, rolling up our jeans to stomp grapes, and broadening our wine making knowledge. For this venture we imagine packing our most elevated casual wear, that’s functional yet chic. “Oh, I just threw this on to wander through the vineyard, I didn’t know you’d be here with a camera!”

8628-MUL-1125_crop_retouched Jete Printed Cascading Vest

8072-NVY-022 Michel Studio by Addition Elle Maritime Blue Tie Back Tank

8105-BLU-015 Love & Legend by Addition Elle Authentic Capri Jean in Light Wash

Finally, our career visions have us jet-set: imagining researching the latest trends and new products from around the world. We love the idea of hopping from city to city, discovering new wines to wow our patrons with. For this, we need looks that travel as well as we do, that look effortlessly modern.

5925-NVY-A Yours Clothing High Neck Keyhole Dress

5943_MUL-A Karen Kane Collage Print Scuba Skirt

3531-MUL-A Anna Scholz Digital Jersey Border Dress

We should get back to reality, but it’s been great to step into the daydream of another life, even for a short period. Luckily, anytime we want to feel this fantasy again, we can just slip into this wardrobe and bring that feeling into our day-to-day. 

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