None of us are immune to shopping woes – whether it’s a habit we can’t quit, a deep-rooted phobia of dressing rooms, or it’s tastes that go beyond our budget. We bring you confessionals from the depths of your dressing room nightmares, but don’t worry, no matter who you identify with, we’ve got a solution for you. Spoiler: it’s Gwynnie Bee.


#10:  Gwynnie Bee allows you to save substantially on your shopping habits so that your husband won’t actually murder you, Sneaky Shopaholic.  Our subscriptions plans range from $49 (for the one garment plan) to $199 per month (for the 10 garment plan).  This is a perfect way to show your husband how responsible you are becoming with money.

#9: Chronic Cart Filler,  we know you currently have 15 tabs open on your laptop right now but Gwynnie Bee promises to provide you with the same satisfaction that filling your cart up all day long gives you, since you actually need a minimum number of garments in your virtual closet in order to even start the service.  We even suggest maintaining 25 or more items in your “On The Rack” section of your closet for the smoothest experience. A full healthy closet leads to quicker faster shipping turnarounds.  You even get GB Rewards for all of your activity.  The more you do the more points you get!

#8:  Gwynnie Bee totally feels you Dressing Room Dreader.  You never have to step bare foot into a suspect dressing room ever again.  Shop in the comfort of your home feeling confident that we will get your size right on the first try with our very accurate Size Advisor tool.  Fear not, we’ve torched the dreaded dressing rooms for you.

#7:  Returner, Gwynnie Bee makes it totally legal to return as much as you want.  No hiding tags or getting banned from stores.  Rent. Return.  Repeat.  Rent.  Return.  Repeat.  You won’t get arrested, we promise.

#6: Gwynnie Bee’s Size Advisor makes it almost impossible to get the fit wrong Fit-a-Phobe.  Say goodbye to measuring tapes.  Our smart tool predicts your best fitting size in seconds.  Build a flawless fit profile over time.  Size advisor’s accuracy improves as you rate different styles.

#5: Oh Boojie Pauper, no need to pretend anymore!  Gwynnie Bee offers high end brands like Tracy Reese, Jay Godfrey, Vince Camuto and Rachel Roy that will make you look and feel like a million bucks without breaking that very teeny tiny piggy bank  of yours and actually you can get your first month absolutely FREE!

#4:  Oh Hey Horder– you need some great fitting clothes to go with all those fab bags, shoes and lipsticks! Gwynnie Bee has so many styles to match and you never need to feel depressed again about something not fitting with the help from our supremely accurate size advisor.  Have we mentioned the Size Advisor enough yet??  But if you are still jonseing for your fix of accessories we can also feed that frenzy with the Gwynnie Bee Marketplace where you can shop from a great selection of  accessories and jewelry for members only!

#3:  Gwynnie Bee can make sure you are never Cyber Spotted in the same outfit ever again.  We offer a selection from over 200 brands and new styles every week. It’s  an endless assortment to feed your selfie obsession! No one can say they saw you in something twice ever.  You will remain a fashion chameleon.

#2:  Subscription Box Virgin – Please allow Gwynnie Bee to be your first…  We make it very easy for you to join, to understand and to love our service.  Here’s how it works:

  • Explore top brands and curated collections then add styles to your online closet.
  • Get the latest trends delivered to your door and rock them as many times as you like.
  • Fall in love with new styles launched weekly and embrace your fashion personality.
  • Wear & return — shipping is always free or wear & buy it for less than retail price.

It’s that’s simple.  Oh and yes, we think a boyfriend in a box sounds like a brilliant idea.

#1: The Borrower – Gwynnie Bee was designed with borrowing in mind.  You aren’t alone, everyone loves borrowing from people who have worn it best.  We have a slew of online influencers, partners, and members who showcase their style using #ShareMeGB every day.  See what you like and can’t resist borrowing and come check out our closet.

How have you conquered your dressing room woes with Gwynnie Bee? Share your story with us and tag us #ShareMeGB for a chance to be featured.  

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