FRIGHT NIGHT: When Works Keeps You Up All Hours

In this October series: Bewitching Business, we’re showing you how to tackle the ghoulish part of the working world, from enchanting your employer to eradicating ghosts from your position’s past. Don’t let the office life haunt you – spread your magic and craft the career you deserve.

Whether it’s a scary deadline, a new promotion, or additional responsibilities, there are days you need to work until the wee hours of the morning. Yet, we’re expected to pop up the next morning, ready to do it all over again, refreshed. Don’t let this cycle wear you down – we’ve got tips for staying up productively, passing out quickly, and also, how to look great the next day, no matter what.

For When You Need To Stay Up:
It’s a night you need to get stuff done! Here are some tips for not just staying awake, but being productive as possible.

  • Use caffeine wisely. Instead of a giant cup of coffee all at once, have smaller amounts all evening. Also, ditch the sugary drinks – you’re more likely to crash.
  • Stay in bright lighting. Your internal clock is a powerful thing, but you can trick it by avoiding the low lighting indicating it’s time to sleep.
  • Skip the nap – do some light working out instead. Don’t wear yourself out, but keep the blood moving by doing some jumping jacks or even going for a short walk.
  • Have a productive playlist and drown out outside noises.
  • Drink water! Your brain is 75% water, it needs it to function (and to balance out that caffeine).
  • Write down a list of your goals to stay on track and be realistic about them. Don’t waste time you could be sleeping staring at your computer, stay on track until you fade, then it’s time to throw in the towel.

For When You Need to Pass Out:
You’ve done everything you can for the evening, and now you need to get what precious sleep you can. Here’s how to zonk out quick.

  • Have a bedtime routine. No matter what time you go to sleep, your body needs to wind down. Do the same thing in the same order every night before bed, to signal your body it’s time to sleep, like turning on some quiet music while brushing your teeth and getting into your sleepwear.
  • Try some aromatherapy. Vanilla, lavender, marjoram, and sandalwood are all known to help you relax. Try a few dabs on your pillow, lighting a candle, or in the bath.
  • Don’t work in your bedroom. If you reserve your bedroom just for sleep and relaxation, your body automatically understands it’s time for sleep when you crawl into bed.
  • Avoid screen time. At the start of your bedtime routine, try to avoid your laptop, phone, or TV. The glow tricks your brain into staying awake and you’re in danger wasting a half-hour on your screen without even knowing it.
  • If your brain is racing, right down your to-do list for the next day or whatever you’re worried about. Empty your brain of what you need to do tomorrow, your notepad has it covered.

For Looking Refreshed the Next Day:
Sometimes snoozing just isn’t enough. Here are some tips to looking like you got a great night sleep. Fake it ’til you make it, after all!

  • To calm puffy eyes, sleep with your head elevated, try liquid-to-frozen eye cubes, under eye masks, or in extreme situations, channel your inner Anna Wintour and throw on some sunglasses.
  • Line your waterline with nude eyeliner – it instantly makes you look more awake.
  • Try a nude lip color that is a few shades more pink than your natural lip color for a more flushed and awake looking feel.
  • Give your face a little glow by mixing in an illuminator to your foundation.
  • Wear a bright colored outfit and bring some lightness to your face.
  • Flip your hair upside down to give it some volume (and bonus, the blood rushing to your face will give it a little warmth!).

You’re ready to go attack the late night grind! May the coffee always be hot and the under eye bags be fleeting.

If the work life is spooking you, keep an eye out for more editions of Bewitching Business where we treat you to the tricks of the trade.

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