Download Our Updated (Free!) Gwynnie Bee iOS Mobile App

Gwynnie Bee is committed to helping our members feel fashionable and confident every day. That’s why we’re so excited about our newly updated mobile app! Now you’ll have a fast and even easier way to connect to your virtual closet anytime, anywhere.

Download the app now.

With Gwynnie Bee in the palm of your hand, you can:

See Enhanced Reviews with Photo Uploads
Photo Reviews in mobile app

See More Details on Photos with Pinch and Zoom

Iphone app update

Receive New Arrival Notifications
New Arrivals Collection on Gwynnie Bee Mobile App

Browse Collections at Your Fingertips
Collection of Collections on Gwynnie Bee Mobile App

Manage Your Virtual Closet with Ease
On The Rack on Gwynnie Bee Mobiile App

Return Notify or Buy What You Want to Keep
At Home on the Gwynnie Bee Mobile App

For the best experience possible, we recommend downloading the app to an iPhone 5, 6, or 6+ running iOS 8 and above. So give it a try. And let us know how it goes!

Download on the App Store now.

  • Comments ( 9 )

  • Geri Peak

    As usual, preference is given to iOS. Sadly Android is left out although more prevalent.

  • Emily Marotte

    I was thrilled to see this … until I realized Android users are again left out. Any timeline on when the Android version might appear?

  • Jessica

    Seriously? I just don’t understand why everybody launches an iOS app first… It is more difficult to get published in their store, plus more people have Android. Please give us an update on when Android will launch, or at least let us know that you’re working on it…

  • Camille

    I really do not understand why people even launch an app if it only supports one platform. It is better to wait until both are ready. There are more Android users than ios.You just end up alienating your users. Please acknowledge that you are at least working on an Android app.

  • Mari

    Uggghhhh. Really??? It’s VERY upsetting this is not available for Android users.

  • Renee Bleuel Trudeau

    No Android app? That’s a really dumb business decision, Gwynnie Bee!

  • MD

    Android, please. Why cater to less than 50% of the mobile platform OS? Bad business decision.

    • Gwynnie Bee

      While we chose to launch an iOS app first based on data showing the majority of our members use an iPhone, we have an Android app in the works. Stay tuned!

  • Amy

    Is there no search function on the app? I want to search by designer