Winners! #OMGBee Moment OOTD Photo Contest

We asked you to share an OOTD photo that captured the essence of your Gwynnie Bee experience — your #OMGBee Moment as part of our #OMGBee Photo Contest and today we announce the winners. We received a ton of entries — so many beautiful and empowered women shared their experiences with us and choosing our winners proved to be quite a challenge.

Without further adieu…

The $50 credit at the GB Shop prize goes to Marjorie Williams!

I hoarded this GB ABS dress for over a month to wear it to my biggest fundraiser of the year. I stepped in the room and people started complimenting me! I credit the dress with helping to raise $84,000 for my nonprofit.  Who wouldn’t give to an Executive Director that looks that good? —Marjorie via Facebook

The 1 Free Try-Then-Buy Garment prize goes to Beth Bunny Berry!

Happy Birthday, @gwynniebee! I hope you and all of your staff realize how you change people’s lives with your service. I am handicapped, and being able to try before I buy has allowed me to shop online in a completely new way. I don’t have to schlep through stores with a walker or a cane. And having great clothes that look fantastic on me has made my self esteem skyrocket. I take time every morning now to get up, put on something pretty to wear, do my makeup and style my hair, and look my very best. A big part of that has been because of #gwynniebee. #omgbee , I love you!!! —Beth via Facebook

The curate your own collection prize goes to @MizLiz!

Gwynnie Bee.. THANK YOU for bringing Cherry Velvet Plus in to my life! I’m celebrating a very YOUTHFUL 40th BDay Month!  <3 —MizLiz via Facebook

The accessories from our photo shoots prize goes to @stardestoyerrr!

This is my #OMGBee moment. This dress was the first #gwynniebee item I wore and this moment was the first time I looked in the mirror and felt beautiful in a very long time. After gaining a lot of weight, I had pretty much given up on looking or feeling good, and @gwynniebee has completely changed that. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing service for women! —stardestoyerrr via Instagram

Honorable Mentions:

(Left to right) Emily Sandford, Maegan Odicino, Marisa Eckberg, Lori Hays, Sarah Chiwaya, Stephanie MinoCourtney Murphy GoffsteinToni Galata

Thanks to all of our lovely participants! While the contest is over the #OMGBee hashtag lives on! Have an #OMGBee moment to share? Post your #OMGBee OOTD photo and keep an eye out for Gwynnie Bee reposts.

***Winners will be contacted in the next 24 hours and changes to their accounts will be reflected in the next few days.***

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