Staff Picks: Mara Fraser’s Retro Styles

Gwynnie Bee Senior Designer and Member Mara Fraser is a longtime lover of vintage fashion. Having worked as a stylist on pin-up photo shoots, Mara is familiar with the elements of retro style – cheetah prints and polka dots, beads, bangles, and bold red lipstick. Here she schools us on how to put the spin on the Gwynnie Bee collection to achieve that retro look. Mara wearing the Colorblocked Peplum by Ruby Rox.

A hot trend right now is the retro/pinup look. I’m sure some of you have cruised through Pinterest or Tumblr and run across a pinup photo and thought, “That girl looks so cute! I wish I knew how to do that!” I know a lot of women who have wanted to try it, but were unsure of how to pull the look together. Luckily, it’s not as hard as you think, and Gwynnie Bee has a wide variety of items that make pulling the look together a snap. read more

Style Spotlight: Kirstin Marie

You know how there’s those people who always look inherently cool no matter what they’re wearing? Blogger Kirstin Marie is one of those people. She pairs on-trend apparel with vintage-inspired and sometimes quirky pieces that creates a distinctive style. Kirstin had a couple of photos recently that we loved, so we asked her to let us know what she likes about these Gwynnie Bee items. read more

Shape Report: Oval Styles

With the launch of our Shape Report for Ovals, we thought it’d be great to hear from someone with an oval shape who has tried lots of Gwynnie Bee items. Enter Emily Sandford of Authentically Emmie, who has been a Gwynnie Bee member for over a year and has tried lots of pieces. She shares some of her favorite styles from our Oval Styles Collection and styling tips for those with oval-shaped figures. read more